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AIRCEL, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL-CellOne CDMA, BSNL-CellOne GSM Videocon Mobile Services, MTNL-DOLPHIN. Does anyone have a wire diagram for the rear harness that is at the rear of the frame and plugs into the body harness that powers the rear turnsignals and reverse lights and markers? When you saw 2.5V on the brown wire did you have the negative lead of your meter on the chassis or on the black wire going to the tail light?

If you were measuring from a known good chassis ground then your trouble is in the feed (brown wire), but if you were measuring from the black wire your trouble could be on either side of the circuit.
I believe I now need to find the brown wire at the plug under the brake master cylinder under the hood(next possable failure point?).

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