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Using Bluetooth technology, the keychain-sized gadget prevents users from losing or misplacing their mobile phone by vibrating, flashing lights and sounding an alarm when they separate from their phone. The gadget also works in reverse, allowing users to find their keys, or any other valuable possessions attached to the leash, via its myZOMM app.
Mr Zip has grander plans than product promotion however, recently revealing he has a string of educational hits up his sleeve.
Now, Find My Friends may not be Apple's most popular app these days, but it has had a rather pleasant make-over following the release of iOS 7.
Despite our mockery, there are some really practical uses for Find My Friends, which was initially launched with iOS 5 in 2011 and is now in version 3.0. Apple's own examples include checking whether your sibling from Australia has made it past baggage claim, or finding the quickest route to a surprise party while avoiding running into the birthday girl. Of course, in order to achieve these things, those siblings and friends will need to own an iOS device running iOS 7 or later.
One occasion when Find My Friends actually did come in quite useful was when extreme train delays meant a slow and tiresome journey to work. Others we've spoken to use Find My Friends to find out whether their parents are "home for a natter" or to check whether their partner has left the office and they need to put dinner on.
Another says that it's used a lot among the family to check each other's whereabouts as it's less obtrusive than calling.
Alternatively, one of our readers uses the app to see when his wife will come so that he knows when to turn the PlayStation off and pretend to be cooking dinner.
Above: You'll appear as a blue dot on in the Find My Friends app, while iPhone contacts with pictures associated will show up in a small circle, and those without pictures will have their initials instead. Thankfully, Find My Friends can be really accurate – we found that we could pinpoint almost the exact location of our friends on most occasions. If you want this notification to be sent on a regular basis, you can set up repeating alerts, too. By going into the Notifications menu, you can see whether anyone has set up a notification for you.
There's also the ability to set up temporary sharing, which means sharing your location with someone for a period of time specified by you.
The ability to label locations, add up to 50 friends and set parental restrictions (through the iPhone or iPad's settings menu) add further value to the app. Plus, your location will only be sent from your device when one of your followers requests to see your location, so your battery life should stay intact (unless you have a friend that's requesting to see your location every minute, of course). Overall, Find My Friends 3 is a well-designed iOS 7-esque app that does its job brilliantly. There are some downfalls, such as the need for an internet connection, but there's not much Apple can do about that. After revisiting Find My Friends in its new version 3 form for iOS 7, and talking to those who use it, we can see it can be a useful tool on many occasions and for many different types of people. I just heard today from the distributors in Dublin that I was the top-selling UK Tupperware consultant for the second quarter of 2011. The Tupperware brand name, the names of the products, most of the product photos and all the vintage images are the copyright and intellectual property of Tupperware Brands Inc.

In a world where animals have their own Instagram accounts, best-selling books and a never-ending supply of merchandise, it’s not at all surprising how often they make news headline or find their way into our lives.
Pets at Home invited a panel of experts to give their verdict on the most influential animals over the past 25 years. International sailing charity, The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation has launched a new website which demonstrates how it is currently working to use sailing to promote health and wellbeing, and develop personal skills that will improve a young person’s ability to succeed in life and work.
On the new site you find out more information about the projects that have benefited from financial and practical support over the past 12 months, and read specific case studies of some of the young people whose lives have been positively impacted. This year the charity has decided that Bart’s Bash will be used to raise funds to help promote and develop disabled sailing globally. There are also a number of other ways to support the work of the Foundation including: volunteering and taking part in a variety of events. Amidst growing tensions between Russia and the West, I find myself completely exhausted, food-poisoned and well underprepared while awaiting my 32 kg of luggage to arrive at Vnukhovo airport, only to witness the dying seconds of my LG phone’s battery. It has been a year since I visited Mother Russia for the first time and then travelled through Ukraine by transfer. After I had charged my battery at a shady Starbucks look-a-like cafe, I was able to locate my dorm with the help of the free WiFi in the metro which, unlike the worthless NS WiFi, works perfectly fine.
When thinking about border protection, one easily remembers the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia and vice-versa. She specifically refers to the Russian ban on certain products from the EU, such as cheese. Another issue that bothers the population, especially the youth and internationally-oriented business people, is the falling ruble exchange rate.
The people I have spoken to seem not to worry about the sanctions that much, and history has proven that the Russian people have endured more than economic sanctions. For the coming months Lisse van Vliet finds himself roaming the streets of Moscow as an exchange student at the Higher School of Economics.
His IRIO bachelor enables him to get the chance to experience live as a Muscovite, while studying the Russian language – among other things. In his blog he tells the tale of ordinary Russian citizens and the effects of world events on their lives. So, for those still interested in stalking their friends, checking up on their wife's whereabouts and making sure they don't end up in the same pub as their dad, here's our review of the new version of Apple's friend-tracking app. If, for example, parents want to keep track of where their children are, it could be a really useful app. They'll also need to have an iCloud account, an internet connection and have their location set to visible, so you'll all need to agree not to turn location settings off, and not to hide your location.
Instead of sending regular text updates to my colleagues, they could simply take a look at Find My Friends and track my progress. You can set up automatic notifications to let you know when your children leave school, for example, thanks to geofencing capabilities in the Notify Me tool. If you want to let your partner know when you leave somewhere, or when you arrive somewhere, for instance. Instead, that contact will receive an email alerting them to your location, handy if that contact doesn't have an iOS device.

So if you often go for a wander at lunch time, you can set the area to be a larger than just the office so your contact doesn't get an alert to say you've left while you're on your lunch break. Unfortunately, though, you can't turn off that notification, and it won't ask for your permission or notify you when they've set it up.
This feature is ideal for times when Find My Friends is useful but the people you need to find aren't close friends or relatives. While it may not be for everyone, those who do have a use for it will find it works like a charm. In all out tests it was adequately accurate, and unless you're often out and about in places you're not supposed to be, you'll find it's a joy to use. Visitors can also meet the ambassadors who support the cause and download material for the participation and fundraising event, Bart’s Bash, which is taking place on 17 and 18 September 2016. The funds raised from the event will be distributed with the aim to support grassroots disabled sailing projects and make disabled sailing more accessible.
If you are inspired by the work being carried out by the charity you can simply click the, donate now button and help them continue to give thousands of young people the chance to enjoy the life-changing challenges of sailing. The Ukraine crisis, the sanctions, the Arctic Sunrise and recent prosecution of a Ukrainian filmmaker and an alleged Estonian spy are just a few issues that made the headlines.
Established in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, they have had a significant impact on the life of ordinary Muscovites. Last summer, you could buy approximately 45 ruble for one euro, whereas a few days ago, it was almost 80. The general mood in Moscow doesn’t seem to be as tense as I would have guessed before, which is hopefully something that will not change during my stay. Additionally, they'll need to be signed in to the Find My Friends app on the device being located. This could be handy if you need picking up from the train station, as you could set the notification to a location a few stops away to let your ride know when to leave. You can, of course, hide your location, but as soon as you turn your location back on your friend's notification will still be there. You can choose to share your location for just half an hour if you want to, or for longer, a week perhaps. This semester, I have returned to the Third Rome (prophetic name for Moscow) to study at the Higher School of Economics. Take the recent decisions by Estonia and Latvia to build fences on their borders with Russia, for example. These Baltic States justify their decision by referring to the inflow of illegal immigrants from Russia and the smuggling of tobacco and booze. These arguments are soon rebuked in the Russian newspaper Metro, which cites an official at the ministry of defence who claims that the measures are ‘purely political’.

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