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The process is very simple, you have to logged in Chrome browser with the Gmail address which you are already using on your Android phone. Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are Amazon Services LLC Associates Program affiliate links. The ace up the sleeve of Officer Garland, an avid Apple consumer was something called “Find My iPhone,” a free 5.4-megabyte piece of software, or app, that he had on the iPhone in his pocket.
Punching in the victim’s Apple ID … he quickly determined by the location of a small gray phone icon on a digital map that the robber was near Eighth Avenue and 51st Street. As Officer Garland and his partner drove there, the signal source shifted, closer to Eighth Avenue and 49th Street. Not only did he not do anything with it (except shove it in his sock), but he stayed 20 feet away from where the police were. But there are steps you can take to protect your iPhone, or at least really annoy thieves after they steal it. The two features together have been very successful in curtailing iPhone thefts, since thieves are growing wise to the fact that Activation Lock makes it nearly impossible to turn off Find My iPhone, rendering their thievery useless. Unfortunately, setting up the features is a little confusing, so we've decided to create a step-by-step guide to walk you through it.
Now that Find My iPhone is free, I’m wondering what makes it compelling to still pay 100 bucks a year for MobileMe, a service that you can pretty much substitute for free by Google Sync.
Yes, you can have multiple devices, I have a couple iphones, a couple ipod touches and an ipad on there. Starting off today’s list is the aptly named Find My Android Phone app and this one does exactly what it says.
This is another dedicated phone finding app and places more of a focus on stolen phones then lost phones.
This Find My Phone app has the unique ability to integrate an Android Wear device into the equation. This one takes tracking to the next level and is designed to find your phone, you, or any of your family members or friends using GPS. Avast is possibly a name that you already trust to secure your device from internet sites, malware and viruses. It seems there is likely to be a number of more Wear apps popping up in find my phone lists and this seems to be the case now. Of course, many of the apps here are designed to help find your phone, some even with the use of your smartwatch. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Android Wear watches are now in full gear, with the highly anticipated Moto 360 finally being in the hands of consumers and other manufacturers announcing new watches like the LG G Watch R. So now that we have ourselves a fancy new toy to play with, we’re going to want to load as many apps as possible to see what the device is truly capable of. With Android Wear, the default way to open an app is to use voice control or scroll down a list to find and launch it. Are you one of those people that sometimes forget about their phones and accidentally leave it behind? When you install an app on your Android phone, you’ll get a notification saying that the app is installed.
If you need a compact calender that’s easy to look at on your Wear instead of using a voice prompt, this app will give you just that. A wearable device can be a good companion piece in one’s daily fitness regiment and the VimoFit Android Wear Fitness can aid you in this way.
For the active runners out there, you should already be using RunKeeper as it is a great way to monitor your running, walking and cycling statistics. Google has their own Keep app to take notes but heavy users of Evernote would surely like to use the service on the Wear device.

For those learning a new language, Duolingo is a great free way to learn them, using gamefication to make it fun.
Hate having to be ‘that guy’ who has to take the group photo and have to be left out of the shot?
You can buy vanity items and weapons, but everything can be unlocked without paying a dime.
Google can help you find almost anything, but it’s no good if you’ve lost your smartphone – until today. There are some caveats: your phone must have the latest version of Android’s main Google app installed, and your browser must be logged into the same Google account your phone is, but it’s a much simpler way to find your phone than going through the Android Device Manager, which many Android users may not even be aware of. Google is always trying their best to provide the best services for android and this is the latest addition. There, a man later identified by the police as George Bradshaw, 40, of New Lots, Brooklyn, stepped outside a Food Emporium. Instantly, a pinging beep — not unlike the sound of a submarine’s sonar — began emitting from Mr. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Fortunately iPhone theft is going down, thanks, in part, to Apple implementing Activation Lock around six months ago.
However, the one common denominator they all have, is that they seem to be consistently becoming more expensive.
Using this app, you can track and located any device associated or registered to your Google account. As such, you can erase pretty much all the aspects of the device remotely, not to mention you can also read any text messages being sent or received after the phone has gone.
As such, if you do lose your phone, you can simply tap the app on your watch and ask it to find your phone.
Once registered, all devices are tracked and able to display real time location information showing their exact whereabouts.
Following on from the last option, Wear Aware is also designed to help identify your smartphone within a short range location. This app is designed to make use of your whistling skills to help identify and locate your lost phone. With this onslaught of new products, developers are seeing the potential of the OS and have released apps that are compatible with it. The Play Store is already filled with apps that support Android Wear and here we feature 20 android wear apps that you should check out for yourself. The Wear Mini Launcher helps by adding an actual launcher straight on your wearable, just like the one you have on your phone.
The majority of the time you probably don’t really need one but in the cases that it might come in handy, Showear is just the app for you. The Wear Internet Browser provides a browser on your wearable, so you can navigate to your favorite sites easily whilst having your phone firmly tucked away. It tracks all your repetitive movements using the sensors on your watch and creates a customized workout that fits your needs. However, if you need very quick info from it, you can use Attopedia which is an Android Wear version of the site.
This app brings Evernote to your phone, letting you view notes on your wrist and create them with your voice. Your Android Wear device will now aid you in the learning process, by having flash cards readily available for you to brush up on your French or Spanish.
Wear Camera Remote gives you the capability to control your phone camera from an Android Wear device. The service just went live, and with a quick toggle of a preference pane in iPhone OS 3.0 the phone is fully prepared for all sorts of lost and found scenarios -- along with acting as an incredibly intuitive (if pricey) stalking mechanism.

The search engine now has the ability to check where your phone is directly from its homepage.
You can then set it to ring, should it be lost under piles of laundry or something of the sort.
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One thing that need to be mentioned is that you have to have enabled the visibility of your device in the Google Playstore. If you chose to erase data then the handset will go the factory image, however removing the data from SDcard is not guaranteed. Cause even if you set up lock password for device, iOS still allow to shut down(and restart) device without password demanding. Too bad apple doesn’t have the option of password protecting individual apps, instead of the lockscreen password. With this in mind, making sure you do not lose your smartphone is becoming even more important.
While it also allows you to remotely wipe the phone if permanently lost or stole, send a text message to the phone and will advise you if someone changes the SIM card. If they are permanent lost or stolen, then you can also remotely wipe them or erase the data.
There are also a number of ways to bring the phone to people’s attention with its flashing screen and siren. At which point, the phone will begin to sound, flashlight will turn on and the phone will vibrate.
Avast have their own find my phone service which like many of the rest here offer the ability to track your phone and delete and wipe its contents. As such is a great tool for phones lost in the house or to make sure you don’t leave the house without your phone. Once set up and you cannot find your phone, simply white and the phone will play your pre-set song choice. With Wear Apps Tracker, you’ll be able to know if and when your new app will be loaded and installed on your wearable.
The app is compatible with Android Wear, so you can just glance at all your data without taking out your phone. Find My iPhone works exactly as advertised, giving us a fairly good location estimate from within our lead-lined underground fortress, and sending annoying messages to the phone complete with sound, even when the handset is switched to silent, though unfortunately the sound is a sort of sonar ping that strikes us as incredibly difficult to locate, unless of course our phone is taken by whale. Well, there are a number of apps which can help safeguard you for when you do lose or have your phone stolen. It is also worth pointing out that in spite of the app being called Whistle & Find, it also has ‘clap detection’ too. The app will also give you a small map and an option to open it on your phone for a wider view. The only other problem is that both the location function and the message service took a couple minutes to track down our iPhone -- not a deal breaker, but we don't know what the hangup could be.
However, if you have more than 1 devices synced in your Google account then you have to select the device you are looking for.
That way if you do lose your phone in a drinking establishment or something, someone that might happen to acquire it could still use it with no harm until you can walk up to them and say, ‘Oh, great! After the device is pinged, a confirmation of the event was sent to our MobileMe email address.

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