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The most common complaints relate to an audio delay, which can be very off-putting when watching video. We have held off on posting this for a long time now (over a year), assuming it will get resolved at some point down the line either by a Sony update or one from Netflix. If you check through the Netflix reviews on the Google Play Store, there appear to many happy Xperia users, but there are a minority that complain of this exact issue (see below). I used to have an audio sync issue with Netflix, but this was on my Nexus 7 (2012) particularly with a Bluetooth speaker connected. I don’t know if it is true but there are reports in forums that this is not just a Netflix issue and some games suffer from audio lag. For netflix it’s not very difficult to do the link… Only Sony devices are touched so why it would be a netflix issues?
With all the sh*t that sony does on the z2 tablet I’m actually not surprise to see new issues appearing periodically. My comment was not specific to Sony products, was pointing out how Netflix responds to any issue regardless of who the manufacturer or product is. No problems with Netflix on my Xperia Tablet Z2, other than the occassional network freezes that are cured by toggling the z2 through airplane mode. I have a Tablet Z2, and this has been happening to me ever since I got it; with the most recent Netflix and Android updates, the lag has been slightly reduced (it was around 1 second or so, and now is about half that), but it is still there and makes videos near-unwatchable. Given that one of the primary use cases for tablets is media consumption, and given that Netflix is one of the top streaming services, it really boggles my mind that Sony could create a tablet where Netflix video playback does not work. I have tried many suggested fixes, like clearing the app settings, uninstalling, disabling audio effects, disabling noise canceling earphones and nothing worked. I’m having trouble with streaming netflix on my z2, completely out of sync, but my daughters is fine on her ipad so how can it be a netflix problem? Netflix was shocking in regards to the audio lag but just updated and the issue seems to have been resolved.
Here are my own experiences with Android and Bluetooth audio (no Sony devices involved, however). Some video material itself has an inherent lip-sync issue that will show up no matter what you play it back with, so you have to rule that out. The only combination with a lip-sync delay is the Android Netflix client with a Bluetooth audio device.
Sony Ericsson, XPERIA and X10, and various products names found on this website are trademarks of Sony Mobile Communications AB, unless otherwise noted. With the Xperia Z1 just six months old, this new Sony flagship could be accused of making only incremental upgrades. The Z2 also arrives with the latest version of Android, KitKat, out of the box too - the Z1’s still waiting for its own upgrade.
The Z1’s 1080p screen was big, colourful and pin-sharp, but it suffered from one major problem - poor viewing angles. For settling down at home or giving Planet Earth another viewing on the train, the Sony’s screen is simply superb. Then there’s Sony’s X-Reality engine - a feature which supposedly enhances the picture, but which in our time with it seemed to overdo things. So it’s not perfect, then, but none of these flaws are major, and in almost every way the Z2’s screen is a stunner. As well as including tons of fun features (try background defocus for wow factor), Sony’s kept its excellent manual controls.
It’s generally very good, switching to its excellent macro or night modes quickly and flawlessly.
Video can be shot in 1080p and 4K and in both instances footage is seriously smooth, even when walking about, thanks to Sony’s SteadyShot stabilisation. All in all, the Z2 does require a bit of work to get great photos and footage, meaning that it’s not the most practical phone to go out snapping with: it’s a bit unwieldy compared to lighter or curvier phones and the rear camera is right in the top corner of the device.

If the HTC One and One (M8) were taken out of the equation, the Z2 would comfortably be the classiest Android phone on the market - a real object of desire. However, a gorgeous design isn’t the same as a thoughtful design, and it’s here that the Z2 falls down.
Even the massive Galaxy Note 3 can feel easier to manage than the Z2, and our love for the Z2's brilliant camera and screen have been dampened by practicality problems; just picking it up from a flat desk can be awkward. Sony’s customised Android interface does a much better job at compromising in the right places. Sony hasn’t messed around too much with the standard Android menus, contacts, email or messages and its Walkman, Movies and Music Unlimited apps are equally as user-friendly as Google's best, whether you’re loading your own files or looking for an impulse media buy.
Sony has also picked up the best gesture-based tricks of its rivals and quietly added them to the Z2.
Just one thing: Sony's now on the slippery bloatware slope that Samsung is finally managing to crawl back up. The Sony absolutely flies in use, a fact that can be put down to its speedy 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor and rival-besting 3GB of RAM. In fact, the only stutters we’ve encountered in days of putting the Z2 through its multi-tasking, gaming and downloading paces are the occasional lag when scrolling through the calendar or browser, running as small apps on top of others. If there’s one thing super-powered smartphones compromise on, it’s battery life - if you want the best handset, you usually end up with a microUSB cable next to your pillow. With a 5.2in screen to power, that reliable battery life is partly down to it having a bigger 3200mAh battery than the Z1’s 3000mAh unit, and also thanks to its Stamina mode.
If the brightness is cranked up (and you’ll need it to be when you’re outdoors), battery does suffer.
So, while it might not be for the Reddit-obsessed, constantly connected, live-to-social-network geek, it’s ideal for the person for whom quality is the only measure that counts. One thing’s for certain - if Sony can stay true to its ‘better not bigger’ tagline, the rumoured Sony Z2 Compact is going to be one seriously impressive smartphone. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. It is not just us though, if you do a search on Sony’s official Talk Forums and XDA you will find a number of threads talking about the same issue. Other complaints relate to bouts of freezing and stuttering, but by far the most common issue is the audio lag problem described above. Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming apps out there and we can imagine some Xperia customers will be annoyed if they find out that the app isn’t working as intended. Netflix on my Xperia Z2 Tablet (32 gig, Wi-Fi-only model) gives me borderline unacceptable video quality and with audio that is completely out of sync.
Whats wierd tho is that if you clear cache data and start the game the audio sync is perfect.
It’s either a sign of deep incompetence or a ploy to get you to use their competing bundled services. What’s even worse is that from what I can tell this has been happening on multiple Xperia products for several product generations.
I just received my new Xperia Z3 Compact today, and updated it to the latest updates; installed Netflix, and guess what?
However, there is also a known lip-sync delay bug with the Android Netflix client and Bluetooth audio devices. Every time, the same script – clear the app cache, restart the Android device, charge the battery in the Bluetooth device, power-cycle the router and cablemodem, unpair and repair the devices, etc. Squeezing a hi-res screen, compact-level camera and huge battery into something the size of a Kit-Kat isn’t easy.
However, the Z2 is more than just a made-over Z1, thanks to a new 5.2in screen which Sony has cleverly engineered into a thinner and lighter body. Viewing angles on the new 5.2in IPS display may not be quite perfect, but it’s no longer a critical flaw.
Colours - which were already eye-popping - are now even more vivid thanks to Sony’s Live Colour LED tech.
EV, ISO, white balance, focus modes and more are on hand for the times when you want to tinker with your shots. A warning for those planning to shoot a 4K movie, though: after a couple of minutes the Z2 often gets too hot, flashes up a warning, then abruptly stops shooting - we hope Sony’s working on fixing this, as the Galaxy S5 handles the rigours of 4K just fine. We’re yet to pit it against Nokia’s 1020 but there’s no question the Z2 is one of the best smartphone cameras we’ve come across, if you can use it to its full potential. It’s so beautifully finished, with smoothly rounded corners, an all-glass back and machined aluminium edges, that we’re tempted to install a rotating plinth for it in our living room. Although it's a heavy smartphone, it's not the weight that's the issue; rather, it's that the Z2's toughened glass build would work better scaled down. It can even run small windowed apps (including widgets) on top of another running app, getting good use out of that spacious 5.2in screen.

So, raising the phone to your ear answers a call, and tapping the screen wakes the device up. Unwanted software additions don’t take up too much space on the Z2's interface for now, but there's danger of it creeping in all over the place. AnTuTu gives our Z2 a score of 32,504, which is slightly below the One (M8) but which still puts it in the upper echelons of high-performing 2014 smartphones. The Z2’s battery isn’t game-changingly good but it is reliably excellent and will always last the day. We’ve been fans of this Sony-specific feature for a while, as it does a cracking job of conserving juice by powering down the phone's data connection when the screen's turned off.
This is a true converged gadget that’s capable of taking brilliant photos and playing videos at cinephile quality, but also one where practicality has taken a backseat.
If you have the time and inclination to show this Sony some love, it will return it in spades. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. I think it’s an unfortunate position for them to take and eventually this attitude will start biting them where it hurts.
It is most noticeable when you pause the video and the audio plays for another half a second to catch up. Probably other video services too, but I have given up on video on my Xperia Z2 Tablet other than the occasional YouTube video, which are usually fine, but sometimes have their audio and video not quite synchronized and sometimes play at the wrong speed. These services work just fine on other devices that I own, including my Android-powered Sony Walkman F (886 model). However, if you close the game and restart it (without clearing cache data) I have audio sync problems again. I have activated Netflix account several times only to see that it won’t work with tablet z. I also tried the iPhone Netflix app with the Bluetooth audio devices and that plays back fine, so this is a problem only with their Android client. Some customer service reps told me it was normal Bluetooth behavior (it is not – the latency is 3ms), most told me it was the Bluetooth interfering with the Wifi connection (wat?). The 20.7MP sensor in the camera is also slightly bigger, capable of shooting 4K video and bristling with new features. Stick on a full HD video and you’ll also notice that contrast is outstanding and detail plentiful. Firstly, the black, featureless front of the Z2 is a fiend for reflecting light and seems to delight in showing up both fingerprints and specks of dust.
And finally, as beautiful as 1080p movies look in Sony’s own app, in every other video player app the picture looks dim even cranked up to full brightness.
And getting to know them all is a good idea, because you won’t always get the best shots from the Z2’s Superior Auto mode. Point it into direct sunlight, for instance, and it won’t do such a good job with exposure. If its shape works for you, you can get back to appreciating everything it does brilliantly. When we swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access Google Now, we’re not looking for Sony's What’s New suggestions, already present as a elsewhere as a standalone homescreen widget. On balance this is no better or worse than most rivals, but our reigning battery champ, the LG G2, will still wipe the floor with it. This is a Sony Mobile problem, and unless Sony Mobile acknowledges the problem soon and does something about it, my Xperia Z2 Tablet will be the first and last device that I ever own from Sony Mobile. I repeatedly explained my testing results (long) and how it entirely points to a software issue. Apps, emails and webpages look crisp and clean and you can even geek out and tweak the white balance. Secondly, it’s not quite as bright as the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5, making its rival a better bet for outdoor use. Point the Z2 at your subject and, combined with its processing power and brilliant screen, it’s like you’re looking straight through the smartphone. It doesn’t always have the night vision of the One (M8) in very low light, either, but then again it’s better at snapping faces without the need for the flash indoors - a much more useful talent, in our book. It turns out this 5.2in slab of metal and glass won’t even compromise its stunning design for something as important as the size and shape of human hands. The viewing experience is further enhanced by the clear and loud stereo speakers, which Sony has moved to the front of phone and which rival the HTC One (M8)’s for quality, if not volume.

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