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As you can see on the right-hand side, Google+ now lists suggestions based on your existing connections, but it also lets you add people directly from your Gmail contacts, your workplace, and your college or university. If you’re not seeing the suggestions you’re hoping for, Google+ still lets you manually look for people thanks to school and workplace filters.
This update is available to everyone now, but Google seems to be hinting it’s the first step of a bigger set of changes yet to come.
Welcome back to motivational Monday where we share some funny pictures found online to make you laugh and hope your day goes well!  Tell us which picture you find the funniest and why! The reason why coffee lovers tend to spend too much for coffee is because they order them from coffee shops. No, it simply means the company realized that new users have no idea what Circles are and therefore aren’t going to click on the icon when they’re looking around the interface to figure out where to go to add their friends and colleagues. I couldn’t find it at first because I had removed it from my list: if I need to add someone to Google+, I typically just search for them. Aside from Gmail, Google also says it will show you people you’re already talking to on other Google products, but it didn’t reveal which ones.

You can still click on the “Your circles” icon and use the circle editor to see all of your circles and decide who belongs in each one.
Given how closely Google+ is tied to the rest of the company’s products and services, we can expect changes being made across the board, not just in the company’s social network.
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So many want coffee to the extent that they consume more amount than they actually did before. Google finally woke up and smelled the coffee: most Facebook and Twitters users have no idea what circles are. You are capable of creating your own cup of coffee that can win over the taste of commercialized coffee. The process of moving on from commercial to homemade coffee will be so much easier because you have a coffee confidante to share the entire process with.
With the much technological advancement today, there are already so many devices that can help you create your own coffee at home.

This way you get so much more ideas for making coffee at home, much opinions on what coffee makers to choose from and what coffee grounds to purchase or not.
There might be failures along the way but you surely will be able to learn and who knows you might be able to open up your own coffee shop in the future. What is so great about a group is that you get a lot of things to barter with – coffee grinds, coffee cups, coffee roasters and whatever you can possibly think of.
While giving up coffee might sound a great idea to be able to save money there are other ways that you can do to lessen the amount you spend for coffee.

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