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The Google Search Appliance has features that enable system administrators to enhance the search experience for end users.
Enable search queries to auto-complete and query suggestions to appear as a user types in the search box.
Enable your users to search by entering a word pattern rather than the exact spelling of a term.
For example, suppose your Google Search Appliance provides search for internal users from different organizations. With a centralized search experience, some users may find what they are looking for at the top of the results listings while other users might have to view several results before finding what they are looking for.
The first step to personalizing the search experience is gathering information about the search experience (see Gathering Information about the Search Experience) as it is currently deployed on the Google Search Appliance. In this document, descriptions of features that you can use to personalize the search experience are marked with the following personalization icon.
Several of the Google Search Appliance features described in this document are implemented in specific front ends. The search appliance has a default front end that uses default settings for the elements that influence search quality. If you plan on changing anything in a front end, it is recommended that you create at least one front end to customize. For one Google Search Appliance, you can create multiple front ends, each with its own customized settings.
You might create multiple front ends to serve different results to users in various regions, worldwide.
You might use a customized front end with a specific collection to improve searches and enhance results.

Before you can effectively personalize the search experience, you need to have knowledge about your end users, such as their roles, functional groups, locations, what they are searching for, and whether they are finding it or not.
By analyzing user clicks, you can identify ways to personalize and improve the search experience. The range of IP addresses tells you that the users who are searching for the results are all Engineers in the U.S. For this front end, you might promote project Malta URLs to the top of the search results using KeyMatches (see Using KeyMatches to Guide Users to URLs).
The Google Search Appliance feature that enables you to gather information about user clicks is advanced search reporting (ASR). When you enable advanced search reporting, the search appliance uses its automatic-self learning scorer (see Using the Automatic Self-Learning Scorer), which fine tunes relevance and scoring for results.
This chapter describes how system administrators can follow best practices to improve end-users searches. By serving relevant results, the search appliance ensures a positive search experience for your users. For each best practice, the table identifies the search appliance feature or resource to use, with a reference to the relevant section in this document. Rather than providing one centralized search experience for everyone, you can provide different search experiences for different groups of users.
Users often search for a€?acme widgets,a€? but they are not all searching for the same results. The search appliance automatically presents a personalized search experience based on changes that you, as the system administrator, have implemented using search appliance features, including front ends (see The Relationship Between the Search Experience and Front Ends), KeyMatches (see Using KeyMatches to Guide Users to URLs), and source biasing (see Using Source Biasing). A front end is a framework that manages the search experience for specific types of end users.

For information about collections, refer to Using Collections with Front Ends and Segmenting Data in the Search Index. For information about changing the appearance of a front end, refer to Customizing the User Interface. For example, suppose information about user clicks shows that a users in range of IP addresses are all searching for information about project Malta. Another alternative for promoting these URLs is to use source biasing (see Using Source Biasing) to move the result up in the listings. You can also use this information to make other changes to improve and personalize the search experience. When advanced search reporting is enabled in the Admin Console (see Enabling Advanced Search Reporting for a Front End), you can export an advanced search report (see Exporting an Advanced Search Report).
However, you, as a search appliance administrator, can use the best practices and search appliance features described in this document to personalize or enhance the search experience for users. Each personalized search experience is based on the interests, roles, departments, locations, or languages of the user group.
From this information, you can gain knowledge about end users and their interactions with search results. Each entry in an advanced search report represents a single user click or other action, such as page load, in the search appliance user interface.

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