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I'm thinking of something that wraps around you wrist or forearm like in alot of scifi films. Originally posted by jaydubva: I'm thinking of something that wraps around you wrist or forearm like in alot of scifi films.
Given the rectangle with rounded corners farce this will be more for patent protection than anything else. Thanks to a couple of leaks, we have the alleged specs for OnePlus' upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 3. Bitcoin has been called a revolutionary currency but it has had its problems, and adoption in the mainstream is far from perfect. View Photos Samsung brings the perfect solution to butter-fingered users with its whole new range of flexible phones and tablets which are expected to hit the market early next year.
Flexible display manufacturer SmartKem say that flexible smartphones will be ‘available in late 2015’.
The flexible phone is a technology that has been discussed for a while with high pricing slowing its progress. The firm was keen to stress that it believes the first generation of flexible device will just be the start of a huge number of products that will revolutionise the smartphone’s appearance:‘The technology we are developing will make the current set of smartphones look like bricks.
The company whose offices are based in Manchester have a number of joint development contracts with major companies. As planned Heyona Yu, sold them in the concept of a mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Skin, flexibility does not give any particular unit of new technical features. But it will make it much more convenient and practical.

Flexible body will put on a Samsung Galaxy Skin on the arm as a bracelet, attach it to your belt pants like flipper. And in the jeans pocket, he will lay more convenient than a specially crafted for this Phone-tube i Roll.
All mobile phone desk holder wholesalers & mobile phone desk holder manufacturers come from members. We are the specialized manufacturers and wholesalers of mobile phone accessories.Please visit our website. Buy Practical Flexible Car Mobile Phone Holder with Cupule Online, Wholesale Price #449554668 Practical Flexible Car Mobile Phone Holder with Cupule China Suppliers, Wholesale Price Factory Direct Accept Mixed Orders of Customized Products, Custom-made Logo Imprinted. Speaking exclusively to Mobile Mike Cowin, SmartKem’s head of strategic marketing said: ‘There’s new product on the market with a fixed curve but this is just the beginning. However, SmartKem believe that this is something that is changing as Cowin explains: ‘There is a big push to find a differentiator to add value to a new product. When you move to flexible displays the key thing is that they are ultra-thin and unbreakable. It is currently in the process of scaling up the business and recently closed Series A funding for ?3m.
Designer Heyon You created the concept of mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Skin, which will also be rolled into a tube, and generally bend it in every way, as you please! We doesn't provide mobile phone desk holder products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.
However, it is rumored that the devices will be launched next year, probably in the first half.The bending feature of the phones is due to the use of OLEDs, which is a digital display technology that is ultra-thin allowing it to be laid on flexible materials like plastic, foil etc.

OLED technology has been touted for a long time but previously the price has prevented it from large scale adoption. As such, these plastic displays combined with OLEDs will lend the quality of bending without breaking to the phones.Some smartphones and TV sets of Samsung already make use of OLED technology. The potential within this technology is huge and there is a natural progression for a new type of form factor. Sony and LG also are in the process of rolling out devices using this unique feature.The company based in South Korea made whopping business so far this year, with the third quarter yielding about $ 6 billion profit in sales. It’s a feature rich technology that will be developed into multiple product formats such as wearable, mobile and static displays.
Samsung"s futuristic videos shows a simple day in life with wrist-computers, display screens in auto dashboards, computer screens mounted on walls, which are made of plastic and so on.
Indeed these displays will be so pervasive that they’re referred to by major brands as the future “window” to the internet of things.

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