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In a official blog post, Google has announced that they are introducing free voice calls from Hangouts on Android, iOS and the web. To facilitate normal calling, Google has introduced something called as Hangout Dialer App that will turn on the voice calls on your Android or iOS device.
We tried it on our Android devices, however, the update was not available for us at the time of writing. So, for normal users, once they have the dialer and updated Hangout apps, they will be able to make calls to any number in the world, just like they make calls normally to other numbers.
We looked up the rates and compared it with some other providers, and sure enough the call rates offered by Google hangouts were quite low. Apart from mobiles, the calls can be made from Hangouts on the web as well just like Google Voice. Like we said in the introduction, the voice calls are not only getting cheaper, but are now getting to a level where they are virtually free.
I have been using Google Voice since it was GrandCentral, and do not have a landline phone since then. Google’s Hangouts is google’s attempt to create the best IM experience across platforms – and they have developed cross platform application for their product which basically is an android product in its core.
In their own official words, Google+ Hangouts is a messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos and videos, animated stickers, and even start free video calls – one-to-one or with a group! The latest version of the popular messaging app from google comes with support for the latest version of the iPhone – and it also fixes various bugs and issues which have plagued the application for a very long time. The latest version of Google Hangouts for the iOS 8.1 now empowers the users to do many things in a more safer manner than ever before. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 10 Mobile OS Update For Nokia Lumia Users:Microsoft To Shut Down Windows 10 Mobile OS, Windows Phone Divisions?
Instead of browsing stuff in the traditional desktop browser, you can now browse and access everything with this Windows 8 Google browser app. This free Windows 8 Goggle browser app, is available under the Tools Category in Windows Store. As it’s a Google browser, so it’s oblivious everything that’s available on the internet can be accessed using this Windows 8 Google browser app. One very powerful feature of this Windows 8 Google browser app, is the Voice Search feature. This Windows 8 Google search app, consists of further more features, like viewing history, finding a text in currently opened page, reload, open in desktop browser, etc. Also don’t forget to check out this article on Browser Toolbars, that help you understand and remove them.

While Google is busy squashing bugs on Chrome, they have also introduced some in Google Apps!
However, this one is about a bug in the Google Apps services that actually lets you make free voice calls to the US from some other country.
I regularly use Google Phone from my Gmail from California and it is disabled outside the US.
Google has been a rough lately with their Gmail downtimes and other services, what do you think, is Google living up to its mark these days?
The rates of voice calls have fallen nearly 10 fold over last decade or so, especially here in India.
While Governments and Telecom operators across the world are trying to curb it by putting legal restrictions, they have been largely unsuccessful.
And voice calls are not just peer to peer, but you can call on any normal phone or mobile number in the US and Canada.
The only other thing you will need is updated Google Hangouts version (Version 2.3, which is rolling out in phased manner in next few days). While the US and Canada calls are free, other countries have call rates that are much cheaper that anyone else as well. Many new mobile apps have also cropped up that have started offering voice calls to normal numbers for free. If you have Sipgate set up as one of your Google Voice numbers, you are able to make and receive calls from your computer, where your computer is turned into the equivalent of a cell phone, albeit a large and rather awkward one.
You can use these phone numbers to get free incoming calls, and in some cases, you can also make free outgoing calls in US.
It lets you choose area code that you want, and you can even choose the phone number you want. There is no catch with Voxox, and surprisingly, I still do not hear about this service a lot.
Use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app, or the download link given at the end of this article. Simply right click on any screen and the opened page gets scaled down, showing all these mentioned buttons. I remember how difficult and expensive it was to call USA and other foreign countries from India in late nineties and early 2000s. Recently we testedanother app called Nanu, which did a great job of making voice calls, although free calls available on the app were quite limited. You are able to receive calls to your main number on your cell phone or other lines, or use your computer to do so – just make sure you have a great headset around for more privacy. Google voice lets you make unlimited calls to all over US and Canada, and voice quality is pretty amazing.

It works a lot like Google Voice, and offers almost all the same features that Google Voice does. The advantage that it offers over Voxox is that it also lets you make free outgoing phone calls all over US (except Alaska, and Hawaii). As everyone is into creating their own app for the modern Windows 8 OS, Google has come up with a really good internet browsing app. The only difference is in the way of using the charms and few buttons of this Windows 8 Google browser app. Still it’s very handy, and you can do everything in the app itself without jumping to a desktop web browser.
In the most recent update on Google Apps, they have integrated nearly all the Google services with Google Apps.
You can forward those calls to any other phone number of your choice, or even receive them directly on “Call Phone” option in Gmail. You can also install Voxox app on your iPod Touch or iPhone to make and receive free phone calls. Besides that every thing is just the same, such as: searching for stuff, downloading an image or file, accessing Facebook and then chatting, etc. You can connect to any social networking sites, or your mail account etc., and work on them in the usual way. A possibly better call quality experience while saving on precious cellular minutes.Filed in Computers. I liked the fact that the app shows related search results as you type, and like the normal desktop browser, this app also shows search hints.
As a tip, don’t speak too fast; take short pauses in between, and don’t stretch your sentences too long.
It also lets you configure multiple phones, and can ring all of them when you get a call on your Voxox free US phone number. However, if you are going to regularly use your phone number, then this is one of the best service to get a free US phone number. Although, to a point the speed of app does depends on the internet, as it uses internet to run. In the sign-up process you are asked to provide a mobile number, and Voxox sends activation code on that. However, it supports lot of countries, so you do not need to have a US mobile number to get a Voxox number.

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