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Celebrate presidential history with this George Washington coloring page, which features both the first American President's image and his name. If templates have violated your copyright, please feedback to us so that we can delete it to protect your rights! Daily spot (and that means you appear on EVERY post, past and present for 30 days) only FIVE BUCKS! I'm going to do my best on this week-in recap but like I said, it's kind of a blur at this point.
When I start to type "life" into my web browser - Life After I Dew is what pops up first instead of Lifetime Fitness. I smelled like vodka Thursday morning after a Wednesday night happy hour(s) with an OLD friend. If I'm too lazy to give the girls a bath at night, I have them stand in the shower the next morning after I'm done.
Being that I work on Mondays and my girls spend that time with my parents, my parents graciously offered to take them overnight and save me the trip, in what will be a longer morning commute. We'd veg, and couch, and nap and mentally prepare to enter to working world the next morning, bright-eyed and full of wonder.
The main task of the weekend was to wash the only two loads of laundry we'd need all week, walking through a toy-free hallway to have everything neat and complete in less than two hours. There may have been a Target run to restock dinner makings, and a change of the sheets, but really, the extent of our actual responsibilities (or those TIME SUCK items) were extremely minimal. I love that I don't have to wrestle my kids out of bed tomorrow, and ready them to trek the snow (again!) before going in to work.

I love that I can pick up the toy room and have it stay that way while there's still daylight.
Despite stuffing myself with spring rolls and fried rice (twice) I'm going to feel incredibly empty when I walk past their open, dark, empty bedroom on my way to sleep. However, I suspect that most of my readers have been known to use a coupon from time and time, and enjoy a free movie on a Friday night. I will share that these codes are good for one use per credit card - so if you're like me and have a few cards to choose from, you can cheat the system a little longer. And then, our yards were blanketed with inches of snow - measurable amounts of ice and slush and cold came. In an effort to make lemonade from these lemons, or iced lemonade, at the very least, we made a snowman. Might as well let the kids enjoy the snow, even if the adults had a hard time finding joy in it.
Oh, and as a total whore for praise, I also check out to see what's been pinned from my blog (which is also my top traffic driver!) using this little trick!
On Wednesday, we were eating a quick lunch at Target's Food Avenue and Liv pulled some gross, white thing out of her mouth after biting into her hot dog. Now we're all calm and settled and eating, and wait - what the hell is on your tooth, Olivia?
She lost her first tooth and could have swallowed it or flicked it away, gone forever on the dirty floor of Target, or worse:  down the drain so to speak, and I am NOT digging for a silly tooth! It's certainly early for her to lose teeth, but from my Google research, kids who get teeth early tend to loose them early.

Here's where I share some things that I am not proud of, in the hopes that someone in the world will have felt the same so I'm not a total bitch. The vanity in me came out, and I was completely beside myself for the rest of the night and into the next day - and we had a Mother Daughter photo shoot, mind you.
We'd spent the last two years trying to grow out her bangs to a point where they tucked behind her ears and out of her face. The hair disaster discovery happened while we were out to dinner, and I was just so - so dumbfounded and upset that I couldn't really even enjoy my steak sandwich. I'd spend not one, but two shopping trips trying to pick out cute clothes for us to wear, and thought this would be so great, and now she'd gone and spoiled it.
And here's where I share that while I was genuinely disappointed, the actual gravity of the situation (which was none) eventually came to me.
For Avery's birthday, we did a brunch this year, which meant that on top of the pancakes and syrup, I didn't think people would want to pack down one or two cupcakes at 11 in the morning.
And the a sucker stick, to give the chocolate mess a handle, though it didn't save any faces from being totally covered by the end of it!
This coloring page is perfect for President's Day, or anytime your child wants to color - while reinforcing American history, of course!

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