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There's nothing more frustrating than typing in those long iTunes gift card codes, especially when you make a mistake and have to start all over again. To use the new iOS 7 camera gift card feature, go to the App Store app, and tap the Redeem button at the bottom of the Featured page. Apple also added the option for developers to allow users the ability to scan and recognize barcodes with the camera when using an app.

So to find out Who called you, use an Who called me app for windows phone for countries like UK, Australia, Canada.
Thankfully Apple has decided to make the process easier by adding the ability to redeem a gift card by using your device's camera. You can then choose to enter the code the old way, or use your iPhone's rear iSight camera to snap a picture. Here is the new listed "Camera, Photos, and Video" changes listed on the Apple Developer page.

You need an Apple developer's account to access the "What’s New in iOS 7," section, but you can see the other custom camera controls Apple has brought to iOS 7 from the description below. You can also send that number to directory for future listings.Download Who Called Me today and stop wondering if that missed call was important or just another telemarketer, and join the revolution of people helping people by reporting when YOU receive useless calls!

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