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If you need a local number, just select the area code and get a number that works wherever you do.
Sideline works with your carrier network to give you the quality and reliability you need to work from anywhere. On top of your free phone number, Sideline comes with nifty features such as SMS text messaging, MMS picture messaging, group messaging, custom voicemail, stickers, and emoji.
Sideline Pro keeps inactive phone number from ever expiring, no matter how often you use it. Sideline is the free phone solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone who needs a 2nd phone line.

You get to talk and text from a dedicated business linea€”and because ita€™s a real phone number, you can call and text anyone, even landlines. This also lets you split your calling minutes (which are probably unlimited) between two numbers. The .99A? auto-renewals get charged within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Unlike a€?cloud-based,a€? a€?virtual,a€? or buzzword phone systems, Sideline doesna€™t rely on a perfect WiFi signal or expensive data plan to keep you connected. With your free phone number, you get unlimited texting and Sideline calling uses the carrier plan you already have.

If you dona€™t want to pay for Sideline Pro, you can simply continue using Sideline for free.

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