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Most of the time you will get lots of Unwanted calls or text on your mobile number, some of them are cold call, Spam messages, call from telemarketers or any other unwanted call. Mr Number is free app for all android mobile users, which helps you to do this easily on your smartphone.
With this app you can block lots of phone numbers that you don’t want to receive on your mobile. With this app you can block unwanted phone number on your smartphone, the app is most powerful call blocker and text blocker on the Google play store.

Today here we are sharing an android app with you which helps you to block phone numbers, unwanted call and sms on your mobile Phone. Apart from letting you block phone numbers it can also catch calls from telemarketers on the first hand. But only the first 20 Lookups are free after that you have to pay additional few to check the numbers, Lookups can be purchased through the app (20 for 99 cents).
With the use of this feature you can block texts and calls from any contacts or a business or any person you don’t know, or an entire area code.

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