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Here's a short guide for you to make a call without showing your caller identification to your receiving contact, with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. If you find the contents of this website are helpful, and that you would want to stay updated with our latest posts, then you may follow us through email. While having a so-called Caller ID is absolutely standard nowadays, there are some occasions where you wish to remain anonymous. Note2: All the steps here are for Lollipop devices but it should be the same for KitKat as well.
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Android Apple Gaming How To Internet iPhone Mac Review The Top Best Windows PC E-Waste: You Will Be Surprised By The FactsLast week, we have celebrated earth day. We just want to share this one of a few interesting phone attributes you can make use of on the Galaxy Nexus handset. In this regard, you will need to provide your email address, in which you will receive daily updates or recently added contents from this site.You may opt to proceed by entering your email address in the box provided below.

Whether your purpose is nefarious (like pranking a friend) or legitimate, hiding your number is quite simple in both Android and iOS. Some sets come with advanced options with custom caller ID settings in which you can hide call ID for specific numbers during specific calls etc. Or sometimes you just want to have some fun with your friends by some pranks thus needing to hide your caller ID.
The users of android phones are also provided with the option of “Switching off the Caller ID”.
Although it looks discourteous to be an anonymous person while calling somebody yet at some occasions it becomes need of the time and one forcefully needs to practice this. This not only prevents the caller from being identified but also brings many conveniences for the user. Remember, this is a useful tool to keep your ID hidden but this must not be misused or abused in any sense.See also- How to fix MMI code error on Android tabletSome of the companies providing cellular call and data services provide the features of hiding your Caller ID with your call setting by sending a request through a USSD code of the corresponding cellular service.
However, they are providing it as an additional service and as a general observation hiding caller’s ID by using USSD code is not found so effective.

Instead activating the “Hide your Caller ID” from the mobile phone is more handy and effective. Secondly, with USSD code option, one needs to rehearse the same exercise for every call, as Caller ID is hidden for that particular call which is preceded by the USSD Code and for next call you have to dial the code again.
Whereas, the cell phone setting option hides your ID till the time you don’t change the settings again. There are a number of easy ways to hide Caller ID in Windows, Blackberry and Android Phones; however, here we will narrate the simplest procedure of hiding caller ID in the Android phone sets.

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