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Hisense is a brand better known for its low-priced appliances and consumer electronics such as fridges and LCD TVs.
At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Spain, Hisense took the wraps off its latest high-end device, the Infinity Maxe X1, a 6,8-inch “phablet” — a big smartphone or a small tablet, depending on how you look at it. When unpacking the Infinity Maxe X1, you may be forgiven for thinking that someone is playing a practical joke on you. Its large screen size also means it cannot be used comfortably with one hand and there’s zero chance of it fitting in your pocket. The design of the 9,2mm-thick Maxe X1 is not particularly groundbreaking, but this phablet looks good thanks to its clean lines and faux brushed metal finish.
There are two buttons on the right side of the unit, which allow you to power the device or lock the screen and control the volume.
The Maxe X1 offers decent hardware and feels reasonably snappy thanks to its midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 dual-core processor. The unit comes bundled with most of the applications one needs to get started, including Kingsoft Office to open documents, Dolby to enhance audio performance and Firewall to keep snoops away.
The front-facing camera takes images at a generous five megapixels, perfect for high-quality Skype calls and “selfies”. Also on the front of the X1 are two Dolby-certified stereo speakers, which deliver “virtual 5.1 surround audio”. Although the Infinity Maxe X1 is one of the largest smartphones on the market today, the device will find a niche with users who demand a lot of screen real estate, not just for phone calls, but also for browsing the Internet and watching videos.
It’s far from being the most exciting phablet on the market, but it offers solid performance with a good range of features.
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We do not constantly regurgitate press releases to draw in search engine traffic — we believe websites that do so are doing their readers and advertisers a disservice. TechCentral, which is edited and written by award-winning South African journalists, cares about delivering top-quality content to draw in the business and consumer readers that are of most interest to technology advertisers. We’d like the opportunity to demonstrate the value of directing a portion of your advertising budget to TechCentral, whether your company is in the technology field or not. For more information about advertising opportunities, and how your organisation can benefit by publicising itself on TechCentral, please call us on 011-792-0449 during office hours. Hisense is looking to branch out from its usual assortment of consumer electronics and home appliances by launching a smartphone dubbed the Infinity Prime 1. The Infinity Prime 1 packs rather conventional glossy plastic styling that won’t see it scooping any design awards.
This smartphone boasts dual-SIM capabilities, allowing users to simultaneously run two SIM cards from different accounts and networks off a single mobile device. The functionality can be handy for users who want to have separate work and business numbers but do not want to lug around two devices, or those looking to save by opting for the most affordable data package and the best voice deals from two different operators.
In other smartphone related news, Nokia recently revealed that it will not be making the follow-up to the popular Lumia 520 (review) - the Lumia 525 - available on the South African market.
Avoid Sending Funds with Western Union, Moneygram or and other similar service unless you are sure to whom you are sending payment. It may be a little impractical for some, but this mammoth device will find favour with certain audiences.
The device is awkwardly large, especially when comparing it to every other smartphone on the market today. On the left are the micro Sim card slot and the SD card slot, which can accommodate cards up to 32GB.

The 3 900mAh battery is not removable, which is unfortunate given that giant screen drains it fairly quickly when it’s being used intensively. It’s vivid and sharp, and browsing websites is comfortable to the eye, even on sites that are not designed for phones. Sony’s somewhat dated but equivalently specced Xperia Z Ultra retails for just a few hundred rand more. Our job is to demonstrate why TechCentral delivers the best return for your advertising spend. Proportionately, we provide the largest local audience of all technology-focused online publishers. Nor do we sell “editorial features”, offer advertising “press offices” or rely on online bulletin-board forums of questionable value to advertisers to bolster our traffic. Numerous opportunities exist for companies interested in reaching our audience of key decision-makers in South Africa’s dynamic information and communications technology sector.
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