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One of the best examples of Apple’s integration with almost all of its devices is iMessage (besides iCloud). When you change your carrier, or when you change the number with the same carrier, you will have to re-register with iMessage in order to get it working with the new number. The reason you’re turning OFF iMessage is so as to re-send an SMS activation for iMessage which tells Apple your new number.
In the “Send & Receive as” field, you should see your new number ticked and grayed out. Hi, IPhone 4s, followed instructions in the above passages, worked a treat, now sorted, thanks. If i change my phone number but still have the same email and Apple ID, will my friends still be able to imessage me without me giving them my new phone number?
Nowadays emails are the primary mode of communication, whether we are in the office or traveling.
Please discard your old subscription number and be sure to keep your new subscription number in a secure location for future reference when needed. Posts 1 Posts Re: How do I change a phone number connected to the iPad iMessage? Reply + Reply Forum Get Help & Give Help! First and foremost, the alleged hackers censored the last two digits of the phone numbers to “minimize spam and abuse”. Indeed, the hackers make it clear they’re open to offering the uncensored database to third-parties such as “security researchers from around the world, professors from various universities, private investigators and attorneys”.
Say someone scanned the leaked Snapchat database and obtained your Snapchat username along with a phone number tied to your account. Just visit or GS Lookup, type in your Snapchat username (or phone number) and the website will tell you whether your information is part of the leak.

Even if you’re in the clear at this point, you should re-consider using the same phone number with Snapchat and other services such as Facebook and Twitter.
STEP 1 – fire up Snapchat for iPhone (a free download from the App Store) and tap the little ghost icon at the top of the screen, as pictured below.
Deciding that enough is enough, privacy freaks could be (rightfully) tempted to delete their Snapchat account.
As you could imagine, online services do a terrific job of burying the account deletion link where most average users won’t bother to look and Snapchat is no exception.
STEP 4 – Double check that your old account no longer exists by logging out (hit the Sign Out link in the upper right) and attempting to re-login using your old credentials.
STEP 1 – First, delete your old Snapchat account by following the steps outlined in the previous section.
Hopefully, this article will be helpful in case you feel the urge to delete your account, update your username or simply educate yourself on the security implications of the Snapchat hack. That Snapchat, as of this writing, hasn’t even bothered to provide an official comment. Although iMessage is also known to go berserk often, it’s one of the most popular tools a lot of people use. As a few people face issues in this process, we wanted to look into the right way of doing things. If this field is empty or has your old number, it means the process did not go as expected and you’ll need to repeat it.
Nevertheless, if you’re setting up iMessage on multiple devices, be sure to check this tutorial.
He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
As you could imagine, the privacy implications of a breach that involves a service as popular as Snapchat are something of a headache.

You should care because your phone number reveals your approximate geographical location (the country code). They also don’t support the ability to look up phone numbers based on someone’s username, if I might add.
This will invoke the settings interface where you can change the various aspects of your Snapchat account.
Or, you might have decided to delete the existing account and register a new one, just to be on the safe side. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner, scroll to the bottom and tap Log Out to log out of your old Snapchat account.
All companies don’t like being hacked and a lot refuse to comment after it has happened. But for a good measure, power down your device and wait 5-10 mins before proceeding to the next step. Any messages I send on my iPad, he gets on his phone, even when the number is not checked in settings. Again, you can’t create a new account that has the same username as your deleted Snapchat account. Why are you trying to go hard and bash on him making accordance to the brand of his smartphone?!?
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