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On July 30th, 2008, YouTuber SCPantera uploaded a dramatic reading of the narrative (shown below). In 2009, “Then Who Was Phone?” continued to spread through internet humor blogs, making appearances on websites like Cheezburger and FunnyJunk. Alright my yout, mi and dis fine gyal decide we waan fi go park, we went pon swing, pon slide, and even have good time a bounce pon teeter-totter. Theoretically, you and your romantic partner, who is most likely of the female gender, are accompanying each other, when the cellular telephone, of which you are the legal owner, abruptly emits an audible tone, which is highly likely to be your default sound that will play when someone from another location, usually within your country of residence, depending on your telephone carrier or provider, inputs a finite pattern composed of numerical units into their legally owned cellular telephone, which in turn will send a wave that goes through a complex process that includes radios and telephone towers. Researching Now Running Man 38,162 views Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 5,562 views Views from the 6 Cover Parodies 9,783 views I AM A MAN! On April 3 that year Martin Cooper, who was then 44, took a prototype mobile phone for a walk around New York City.Unsurprisingly, the reaction he received from passers-by was one of complete bewilderment. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Fresh off the heels of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch, we cannot help but wonder what Apple could possibly do next year with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? We could not help but wonder, with iPhone 6 now in the market what will Samsung be countering with this coming Spring? Plastics: Gold plastic is available now, so count on their own version of Space Gray plastic, with an all-new faux leather look.
As the name suggests, smartphones possess smarter capabilities than mobile phones, providing then additional, now essential functions like web browsing, multimedia entertainment, games etc – much like mini-computers, only small enough to fit in your pocket. What should we expect to see in the development of smartphones in the near future, say in the next five to ten years?
It may soon be the case where smartphones are able provide a large screen to watch and play your favorite movies and games while maintaining a pocketable size. With such physical flexibility for smartphones, some companies even have plans on make wearable smartphones for the masses. If flexible screens are not enough to compensate for the small screens on smartphones why not integrate a projector within? Siri might have signaled a breakthrough to the way voice control and recognition programming ought to be made.
It’s exciting to expect these features in our future smartphones but I wonder what it will take for us to get there.
Also, with so much incorporated into our smartphones will the case of total dependence of the user on their mobile devices be a problem?

However, despite its recognizable status, questions about the meaning behind the phrase continued to surface on Q&A forum communities, most notably Yahoo Answers with more than 470 related posts (as of March 2013). You presse de geereenno button “CHE STAI FACENDO CON MIA FIGLIA??” you telle your bitcha n she say “My pimp is ded”. U buter it n the vioce is “wut r u doing wit my dinner?” U tell ur sandwich n it say “my dad is bred”.
You walk over to the area that the cellular telephone is physically placed, and you translate the telephone receiver from it’s resting area, where it is mechanically constructed to fit into, all the way in the direction towards your ear drums, and then place the northern part of the device to your ear, and then place the southern part near your mouth, most likely onto your cheek.
Smartphones appeared in the market close to two decades ago as the alternative to mobile phones which carry the primary function to enable only two-way communication by text or calls. This is probably hard to predict with accuracy due to the fast pace tech evolutions have been riding on. Simply put, AR makes available more information for us users by combining computer data to what we see in real life.
You can just whip out your phone to get the latest and relevant info for what you are searching for – information which you would otherwise have to call and ask or search online before heading out of Wi-Fi coverage. For AR to work seamlessly and reliably, the technology for recognizing places, things or people must be of a certain standard. Screens can be folded and unfolded, all thanks to Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. Voice control has existed in many earlier mobile phones even though the voice recognition function was crude at best. Instead of recognizing commands via sound waves like most voice-recognition systems, Siri interprets diction and syntax in a similar fashion to how we recognize speech. With the newly improved voice recognition app, Siri, as well as the greater capabilities of smartphones in the years to come, seamless voice control seems to be a viable goal. I’m talking about the price we may have to pay in exchange for such awesome features in our smartphones. Everyone is waiting to see what the smartphone industry can offer, and how the masses will react to the emergence of new and better smartphones along with the multitude of issues that come with each technology that is introduced to public use. A voice that resembles that of an adult male proclaims “What activity are you currently in the process of completing, that involves having my female offspring attend!?”.
But this is Apple, so you can bet they have more than a few upgrade ideas up their sleeves.
The smartphones of today have other extended capabilities including in-built high-quality camera lenses, mobile apps that aid productivity, video-streaming as well as connectivitiy that enable millions to stay connected while on the go.

Yet, as we await with anticipation, why not observe the existing trends and make some wild guesses on where smartphones are heading?
Most AR apps available now utilize some form of Global Positioning System (GPS) to facilitate location searches and this feature is likely to develop further over the next couple of years because of its potential. In-built projectors for smartphones must be small, and as the paradox sits: the smaller the projector is, the lesser light it will be able to give out. Research has been made to advance the development of voice control, but it has proved to be a paramount task. That, combined with gestures may bring interactivity to a new level for smartphones and their users.
Apart from that, there is also the other issues that can work up a storm: must our privacy be compromised for augmented reality to work at its fullest potential?
We sit dung a ground fi have lunch, afta lunch she waan fi go home, so we went to her house fi watch movie and sinting. You immediately notify your female romantic companion, and she educates you on the objective fact that the paternal guardian that she normally refers to as “Father” has stopped living some time in the past, and is also currently deceased.
You shall see below a couple of features for smartphones that may become the focal points for development in the near future. With better technology though, issues such as these will be addressed in time, making projectors a part of a new experience you can now engage with your smartphone. If you want to talk about the potential of holographic projections in smartphones, it’s great. Can marketers exploit our private details to obtain otherwise inaccessible data about us, our likes and preferences? Mi tell you, the gyal mus be one freak, cause she jump pon my lap and start suck out mi face. If the details of this story are in fact, the truth, than it is now your duty to answer the question of ‘Who was calling you and your romantic companion on your cellular telephone?’. 3D displays can be integrated with elements of movements when it comes to user interactions with the phone.
Him say sumthing like ‘YO STAR, A WEH YOU A DO WIT MI PICKEY?’ Mi just give one sour look pon my girl face and ask a wuh dis man business?

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