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Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet on which you want to enter phone number and SSN in their respective format. Now you can easily start entering the phone numbers without changing them into standardized format. Now for entering SSN, select the field, move to Format Cells dialog and select Social Security Number from Type. As you can see in the the screenshot below that it will automatically change the value in SSN standardized format. You can also check out previously reviewed guides on Inserting Currency values in Excel 2010 & Dealing with Fractions in Excel 2010. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
If you've ever had to go through the hassle of changing phone numbers, you know that a permanent set of digits is a valuable thing. Thanks to websites like Craigslist and eBay, garage and yard sales may soon be a thing of the past.
The popularity of online dating means even the most trusted websites may be harboring some individuals who are less than trustworthy. Bullying is a reality that many school children have to face, and unfortunately the technological world we live in means that many kids receive attacks from their tormenters via the telephone. Whether you're a concerned parent, a woman seeking love online or a tech-savvy internet seller, a disposable phone number can be a valuable asset. Users may run into login issues when they try to sign in to their account on the new Outlook website. After making sure that you are entering the correct credentials and noticing that they do not work, you should click on the can’t access your account link which opens a troubleshooting page that you can use to recover your password information and resolve your signing in problems.
If you are sure that you know your password and Microsoft account but can’t sign in Microsoft recommends to make sure that the caps lock key is not active by accident.
If your account has been hacked, or if you are suspecting that it has been, Microsoft recommends to first reset the password, and then select a strong secure password. Please note that the mobile phone number you enter needs to be verified first before it becomes an active phone number in the account. If you can’t sign in on the Outlook website, you may want to try signing in on another Microsoft Account website first. This entry was posted in Internet and tagged microsoft account, outlook, sign in on August 3, 2012 by Martin Brinkmann. Technology makes many parts of everyday life simpler, but with all its advantages it can bring annoyances that can be frustrating to deal with or even endanger your personal privacy. Even though these annoyances happen to the majority of cell phone users, they don't have to happen to you. A primary cell phone number is linked to your personal information, which could pose as a mobile privacy issue, but a secondary number is not associated with these private details.
It isn’t uncommon for people to have multiple phone numbers, which is a fact that the iPhone addresses, albeit in a fashion that may not be ideal for your needs. Note that there is not a way to add an additional field for a phone number until you have added a number to each of the existing phone number fields. Step 7: Your phone number fields should now look like the image below, allowing you to properly label each f your phone numbers. If you’re looking to purchase a gift and want something that is both affordable and interesting, then consider the Roku LT. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books.
Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Blocking a phone number from calling you should be fairly simple in 2013, but it still isn’t.
Android does provide a way to have specific numbers always go to your voicemail or play a silent ringtone that won’t disturb you if your phone is in your pocket. If you actually want to block calls and this feature isn’t integrated into your phone, you may want to try using a third-party app like Mr.

If you’re a Google Voice user, you have the ability to block calls from your Google Voice settings. Just log in to your Google Voice account online, locate the recent caller you want to block, click the More link, and select Block caller. Android doesn’t have a completely integrated blocking solution, and carriers don’t generally offer this basic service for free.
And it is so amazing that a non-touch Java-powered state-of-the-2006-art Samsung Corby Mate has this. There is also another third party call and sms blocker on the google store called 'AntiNuisance'. I used Chris's strategy of creating contact for telemarketers (I label them all "Nuisance") and giving them a silent ringtone. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Inserting phone numbers in Excel spreadsheet has always been a problem since it does not consider zero as value and cannot change it into standardized form automatically but it has a special build-in functionality which lets you add phone numbers & Social Security Numbers into standardized format. For instance we have included a spreadsheet having field; Phone No and SSN, in which we will be entering Social Security Numbers and Phone Numbers. Under Category select Special and under Type select Phone Number and From Locale select the desired location.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Still, there are certain scenarios when a temporary number that you can easily dispose of and replace can be a very useful thing. There's no doubt that the internet makes it easier to buy and sell household items, but dealing with strangers online can also lead to certain dangers. In addition to scammers who will use web-based dating sites in an attempt to access your personal data, you may encounter individuals who seem nice online, but are not all they're cracked up to be when you meet them in real life. Equipping your child with a temporary phone number will allow him or her to ditch the digits if a bully gets a hold of them and replace them with a new number soon thereafter. With field (containing phone number), you will see Smart Action tag icon, from its options, click Add to Contacts. You can forcefully request to load the web page anew from Microsoft using the Ctrl-F5 shortcut. The company furthermore recommends to turn on Windows Update if Windows is the operating system used, and to install up to date antivirus software on the system. The idea here is to use these codes to sign in when you are in public locations or on computer systems that you do not own and maintain.
Under Password and security info click the edit security info link, and click the Add button on the next page. Just when many thought they dodged the telemarketers, these salespeople are still calling - and now your cell phone is the target.
Unsolicited text messages from businesses are common, as 71 percent of respondents have received these texts. This private feature is the perfect way to connect with clients, co-workers or acquaintances without having to give out your personal phone number. A second mobile number can still work for you, as it works with any cell phone and does not require any downloading or application purchasing - and it only costs $9.99 a month.
For example, if one of your contacts has two mobile phones, then you may want to label them appropriately on that person’s contact card. As each phone number field is filled, the iPhone will automatically add a new blank one underneath.
Make sure to touch the Done button at the top-right corner of the screen to save your changes when you are finished.
It allows you to watch content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant and more on your TV. You can do this by opening the Dialer app, swiping over to the history tab, and tapping the number. You could also add a contact manually, not from the dialer — just ensure the contact is associated with the phone number you want to block.

Tap the menu button and select All calls to voicemail to automatically send the number’s calls to voicemail or tap Set ringtone and select None to associate the caller with a silent ringtone.
They don’t appear to work well for some people, and this may depend on your specific Android phone.
Google Voice will play a message saying the number has been disconnected, so this may even fool telemarketers and other annoying callers into removing you from their spam lists.
Here are some reasons you may want to consider investing in a disposable cell phone number. For example, if you give out your personal phone number to a shady marketer who is posing as a Craigslist merchant, you may find that you soon begin receiving unsolicited text messages or calls that could make you vulnerable to identity theft. Unfortunately, it's hard to arrange a date without exchanging digits, which is why you may want to use a disposable number for internet communications with people you haven't met yet. For this, open database table in Design view select the field (containing phone number) and under Field Properties, from Smart Tags, click button to bring up Action Tags dialog. It is only a name change though, and your Windows Live ID and password will just work fine on Outlook.
If you prefer to clear the complete cache, check out our web browser maintenance guide for instructions on how to do that. This may protect against keyloggers and network sniffers in these places, and is highly recommended to protect the account.
Approximately 68 percent of cell phone owners have received these calls and 24 percent reported it happened quite often, in some cases daily.
In many cases, these messages may be scams, such as those that claim the recipient has won a prize.
Adding a second phone number will allow you to manage these contacts more efficiently, increasing your privacy and making life a little more peaceful. By adding a second mobile number to your existing phone, you do not have to get another mobile device to accomplish this. Do not mistake this for a call forwarding service, as your real number will be protected with both outgoing and incoming calls. But the method for doing so may not be immediately obvious, leaving you uncomfortable that the phone numbers for that contact are not properly identified. Tap the Add to contacts option and the number will be added to your phone’s contacts. You can use apps like this one to automatically hang up on calls, effectively blocking them and preventing them from even getting to your voicemail.
If the above app doesn’t work for you, you may want to try another call-blocking app from Google Play. Some carriers may help you block calls if you contact them, some may direct you to their paid services, and some may say it isn’t possible. The nice thing is, it's as easy as one-two-three to replace a second number, so you won't have to put your online dating on hold.
Having a second phone number, or alias number, can help cell phone users deal with common annoyances and issues. With an alias number or secondary line, you can go home after a long day at work and spend time with your family without worrying about getting business calls at the dinner table.
Luckily you can adjust the phone number types on contact cards by following the steps outlined below. If you find that someone who you've met online turns out to be a scammer, you can simply dispose of the set of digits, cutting off their access to your personal information.
Spam text messages and phone calls from solicitors are some of Americans' biggest cell phone complaints, suggests a survey by the Pew Research & American Life Project. At the same time, you won't have to worry about switching over your contacts to a new number, because you'll still have the primary phone line that you've reserved for family and friends.

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