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Block wood numbers in "3." These block shaped wooden numbers are made with love and hand crafted to perfection! Most land lines and cell phones now have caller ID so you can see who calls before you pick up the phone. Have you noticed that sometimes the caller ID information is not displayed when you receive a call?
Or it could also be useful when you call a business establishment for information and you don't necessarily want them to have your number so they can solicit you later. In general, the answer is yes, when you call private persons, small businesses, and cell phones.

Ideal for a number of different home decor projects and kids crafts, these wooden numbers are something you can count on! Please use an online order form to submit your number request and a customer service representative will contact you to complete the order.
In this section you will find clipart, graphics and illustrations related to the topic of Numbers. To block your name and phone number when calling some one, simply dial *67 before dialing the phone number. Maybe so people can't screen your calls, especially if you know the person won't answer if they know it's you calling.

A wonderful way to add a little personality to a child's room, or a quick hand made address to your house.

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