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Two friends asked about window film at separate times last weekend so I figured that as long as I was gathering the information again I might as well post it again.
I love window film for a (possibly) inexpensive way to cover windows that don’t have a view of much of anything.
There are a few options which I’ll list below going from expensive to cheap to unfamiliar to DIY, but first I want to give you a warning. See also: Door Sixteen left a gap around the edges to create some privacy in a bathroom without completely blocking out the window.
Emma Jeffs: I have not tried this, but the description says it has a slightly adhesive backing. Brume: This is a company in the UK and I know very little about the film, but I love the cut out designs they have. Before removing the film backing cut it to the size of your window, you can hold it in place to see if you need to trim a little more off.
Non-adhesive window film peels off cleanly leaving you with a little bit of soap you need to wash away, I used a regular window cleaner.
In my bedroom window which is about 10 feet from my neighbors house I used the Gila film and then applied some wall decals in varying shades of gray over the top to give it a bit more of a decorative look.
Thank you Trey and Cheryl, if I ever find myself facing a window pane of stuck on adhesive I will try both. So, wondering about the fabric– the spray starch is the only thing adhering it to the window? I have to say I think the spray starch + fabric option is the best DIY one I’ve seen so far, and the least expensive overall.
Now it would be a neat decorative look, but no one can see into our windows from the driveway so I’ll just keep in the back of my head for doing something fun. I have some window film that looks like stained glass (no, really!), and I cut some diamonds out of the center so I could have a tiny look out. For a really cheap and (sometimes) temporary window cover I’ve always turned to tissue paper and tape. I recently discovered the fabric & liquid starch concept and it is ideal, except I did it by brushing it on from a cup (better control than using as a spray).
Kim – For smaller panels you could certainly cut fabric to fit over each window panel. What can you recommend for someone who wants to see out to a nice view but doesn’t want people looking in? Amanda – You might take a look at the mirrored privacy film that is also made by Gila and sold in hardware stores.
My project is a very large cut out window that sits 12 feet above the ground and faces the west.
Ashley – I believe there is window film that cuts down the UV (even further than the windows do) but still lets in the light and is clear so the view is still there. When I was a teenager in 1967 I did tissue paper mosaic on my bedroom windows with starch water.
The fabric route is so easy, plus with a simple washing, the fabric is usable for sewing again. I didn’t use stray starch, I just mixed a tiny bit of cornstarch and water and applied it with a paintbrush. If covering a whole window (not just the bottom half) consider leaving a three to six inch slit at eye level. I would suggest either using plain film from a hardware store or using liquid starch and fabric (the last link in my post above). Sorry the answer isn’t more DIY, I tried it and still recommend film or the fabric with spray starch. I will add, I took a trip to the UK and Ireland last year and noted that window films were used by a lot of houses, far more common than here in the US. We recently bought an older model Pick up, and each of the windows had the tinted paper applied. This website is not affiliated or endorsed by Martha Stewart or Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.
Easter Surprise Eggs: Hollow eggs, colored brightly with food coloring and filled with small toys and candies. Chocolate Easter Surprise Eggs: Hollow eggs with an interior shell of dark and white chocolate then filled with candies. If you are receiving annoying spam messages or disturbing calls on your phone, you should consider adding all of those phone numbers to the blocked list. Before we start, make sure your phone has the latest Windows Phone update and all of the core system apps inside the Settings section are updated. When you see the prompt window, tap ok to confirm that you want to add the selected number to the blocked list.

When not creating exciting new Android games, Le Hoang is here crafting tutorials, tweaks, and fixes for your enjoyment.
I’ve mentioned window film before and a lot of this information was previously gathered for this post on window film for my stint as Guest Blogger over at Design*Sponge.
It’s a low commitment and easy to remove solution for renters, takes up no space at all for a window that is in a hallway or a door, and lets in a lot of light.
I have not used this one but Ex Libris shows how she used the branches design to block the view in from windows next to her front door on Flickr. Megan B at Shelterrific used some film from Window Film World to create a bit more privacy for the sliding glass doors in her kitchen without losing the light. With a little careful work with an exacto knife you could likely do something inspired by these designs. I simply put a drop of baby shampoo in a spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way with water. Spray the window with your soap mixture, peel the backing off the film and apply right away.
Adhesive backed window film like the Gila film is more difficult to remove, but I was happy to find that the window film remover they sell worked like a charm to remove the film and any adhesive it left behind. I really love this option at All Buttoned Up, she used a white-on-white cotton fabric soaked with spray starch to cover a window which turned out beautifully. I used liquid laundry starch (which came in a bottle) to stick tissue paper on my window, a section of small squares of contact paper, as well as a section of various amounts of beer mixed with epsom salt. When the contact paper gets old or has baked in the sun, it tends to leave adhesive on the glass. Hopefully it will still reflect back some of the light without making porn music play in your head.
I have a window in my door which looks like Trival Pursuit wedges and I’ve been planning on frosting each pie shaped piece individually. You mentioned that you had tried using tissue paper with liquid starch but that it didn’t stay on very long. I was looking around at the Brume window films and loved their simplicity but not their price tag lol And contact paper is such a great alternative. Thank you all – I was ready to fling myself out the windows that are creating a problem. I have not needed to look back into window film for a few years so I appreciate the prompt to update it. We live on the coast, hot weather and plenty humidity which did a number on that tinted paper. In order to block a number from calling you or sending you new messages, open your call log by tapping on the Phone app, long-tap on the number you want to block, and choose block number from the context menu. If the number you want to block is not in the call log but is in your sms, all you have to do is long-tap on that sms, and choose block number. The comments and forum posts are property of their posters, all the rest ® 2003-2015 by QD Ideas, LLC.
I use it in the place of cafe curtains in a few places to only block out the bottom half of some windows. I also really like the modern vertical slat design (first image) created using frosted film in this living room shown off over at Apartment Therapy.
You don’t want to use something like a dish detergent as this will create too many bubbles which can be difficult to push out from under the film.
The back, or smooth, side of the film is statically charged and will attract lots of dust if you remove the backing too soon. The tissue paper didn’t stay on the window long, the beer was fun (and can work as a holiday decoration) but the tidiest looking one was the clear contact paper.
The easiest method to removing it is to saturate the adhesive left on the glass with rubbing alcohol. Today I called them and the guy said the kit included a squeegee and their application solution, which is proprietary. I saw previous comments on removing window film and I do want to caution on the use of cheap window film . I’m looking for something not permanent for the narrow windows beside our front door for privacy but eventually we want to get sidelight shutters.
The film is applied to glass with water (easy on and off) and comes in 36″x72 (and smaller).
By accepting Nokia Terms of Use and Privacy policy in the next screen, you will turn on the call and messages filter. Get the quietest, most accurate 300 Blackout ammunition available anywhere for the best price ever!What’s more? The small amount of soap in the water creates just enough surface tension to hold onto your window film, you can slide it into place while it’s still wet, and once it dries it will hold until you remove it.

When I asked if you could just use soapy water, he said it didn’t work well, and the film is not re-positionable.
I’d like to expose the glass so it dries up quickly, and apply something to the glass for privacy.
After the film is in place I use a clean, dry cloth to gently push air bubbles to the edges of the film so that they can escape.
This worked well, and even covered the outside of a shower door without being affected by the water, but clean up was frustrating and I found myself tired of looking at brush strokes after not too long. Spray it down with rubbing alcohol again, take a straight edge cutting blade and gently scrape away the adhesive. The issue with the frosted films is that people on the desk can see through into the bathroom. I looked into some of these brands and I was surprised to read many negative reviews about Gila. The roll is wide enough that it can be difficult to find a surface big enough to measure and cut the size you need. The high amount of alcohol on the glass will keep the blade from scratching and should allow you to easily remove the adhesive.
The last hope was that there’s this one panel I took out because it had a tear did dry up again and got better. And it worked, my husband had all the paper off in less than an hour and very few streaks, which were removed with soap and water. I currently use this on the window in our office that, sadly, has a view of our neighbor’s holly tree which is encroaching on our roof.
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