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In order to add a number to the voicemail, it is necessary that the number has called you once. Tap the Phone icon and switch to the recent tab to see the number if you haven’t added it as a contact (to add a number to voicemail, it must be saved in contacts).
Now open the contact from the contacts and phone app and tap on the menu icon from the top right corner of the screen. We are living in the marketing and advertisement world, where marketing agencies get phone numbers and spam them with promotional messages and calls.

The number could be added to the voicemails options and all the calls from this number will be sent over to voicemail, leaving you in solace and peace from the nuisance. There is a plethora of apps to block annoying calls on Android, but luckily, the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS has given a native support to block calls in Android.
This means that you can only block those numbers who have called at least once on your number.
The easiest solution for not getting interrupted by unknown, spam calls on Android is to add the number in the Voicemail.

This way, as soon as the call comes, it will be directed to the voicemail and you won’t be annoyed by the calls.

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