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1) Ability to list your mobile phone – including privacy controls that allow you to hide the number.  This makes you reachable just like a landline white pages listing.  Why list yourself?  Think about it – wouldn’t you want to be reachable if someone found your wallet or if your neighbors saw someone questionable trying to get into your back door?
Last but not least, please be assured that we won’t misuse the names and phone numbers you look up by spamming them with unsolicited phone calls or text messages to use our service – that’s not the way we do business. This entry was posted in Whitepages News, Your Digital Identity and tagged carrier, cell phone plan, free calls, lower bills, Mobile, reverse lookup, save money. You simply enter a phone number and the directory will provide you with an approximate issuing location, cell phone carrier and the phone line info. The number you are trying to look up may belong to a cell phone, land line or even one of those VoIP lines, like Skype.
I believe that reverse phone lookup services are effective solutions but I never seen a free option. The particular IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code of a phone may be a 15 digit number specific to the mobile handset.
In fact every single GSM mobile phone is certainly assigned an original IMEI number when it is developed.
Your Official code can be used by a GSM network to determine legitimate units and thus may be used for stopping a stolen telephone from reaching that network system. Knowing your IMEI [phone ID] code gives you a lot of benefits, especially when you think about getting iPhone unlock by IMEI number . Sometimes you really need to perform bad ESN check for Sprint iPhone or for Verizon iPhone or other carriers.
Yubico has observed this a lot during the last time considering that the iphone 6 was introduced with NFC assistance. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
Is there a free API or some other way to determine what carrier a cell phone number is registered with?
I'd like my application to broadcast text messages without them picking their carrier from a list.

Well the whitepages license agreement is so restrictive that you can't build an app for it. You should note that the way to figure out which carrier a number belongs to will be country-specific (though, some countries might use the same scheme, but I'm not sure - I've worked with both the norwegian and swedish portability databases and they're quite different api-wize - and require vpn + authentication). The information is, at least here, not available to the public - I've seen service providers, network operators and information providers (as in yellow pages) that have access. Yes, if somebody switches their phone service to a new provider, it should be updated in our service within a few hours. I know this question is 5 years old already but for those still looking for something, PacificEast (who I work for) offers a Line Identification Append service for US and Canadian numbers that handles local number portability. There are services available that can take ported numbers into account and provide the correct carrier even if a number has been ported.
You can use it to get a few fields of data that relate to a cell phone number, but to determine carrier, do this. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged text messaging or ask your own question. This directory compiles phone records from several public and private sources, thus, it has a larger coverage raising the odds of locating phone owner info.
Due to number portability, the carrier you see may not necessarily be the one that the number is currently on. I tried this kind of service before and I needed to pay few bucks for the information I need. Simply enter *#06# with your smartphone and it'll present its IMEI # for most mobile phones. When you know the Official # of the mobile phone, you can examine information regarding producer, unit version, date and also state of affirmation.
For instance, if your mobile phone is definitely stolen, the particular owner can certainly contact his or her mobile phone network provider as well as inform them to "blacklist" the cell phone having a IMEI #.

But Kenny replied that he has used Twilio for the purpose so I was wondering if I missed something. You can even verify mentioned before information by way of delivering the SMS the following. The following indicates his phone useless on that net and frequently a few other networking systems also, even if your telephone's Sim-card is changed.
Now, for some numbers, such as those on prepaid plans, no owner information may be available. This is done for two reasons: first, to protect the phone owner identity from free automatic searches and, second, to recover the costs of compiling these records and maintaining the database. Cell phone GEO tracking info and software and related services available on the Internet for cheap. Also, it is in most cases written at the consent plate on the handset ordinarily under the battery pack. Type IMEI code [your Fifteen digit IMEI number] and also deliver this to 53232 or possibly 57886. Remember, that major mobile companies like Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile do not publish phone books for mobile numbers. Private investigation resources for finding long lost friends, relatives and tracking harassing calls with the help of law enforcement databases without directly involving the police. There are also some stealth mode tips on how to perform social profile searches on Facebook by phone number, email or name. And Skype has its own phone directory, though you must be a registered user in order to get access to it. If it is the land line number that you need to look up, chances are that it belongs to a telemarketer. You can expect to acquire a text message with all obtainable facts within the satellite service company.

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