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NOTE: For wall mounting, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Wall Phone Mounting Jack.
This is a rare Rolex Submariner 5513 Tropical Dial No-Date that just sold at Antiquorum's May 13, 2012 auction in Geneva.
Tropical dials likely came from a manufacturing flaw which caused the dials to turn brown after production. The perfect solution for taking important incoming calls without risking phone abuse of outgoing calls.

The estimate was ($10,000 to $14,000) and not surprisingly, it sold for more than the high-end of the estimated value at $14,600. Factors such as sunlight, temperature and other environmental factors may have effected the dial color (especially when you consider the variances between different dials). Ideal for hotels, barber shops, pizza shops, and basically anywhere a phone is needed for incoming calls but not necessarily for outgoing calls.
Tropical dial Rolexes - whether it is a GMT, Explorer or Submariner - command a significant premium over the same Rolex with a black dial.

However, it is widely believed that what caused the original paint material to change brown, was improperly formulated paint.

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