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Is it fair that I photograph just about every reasonably intact International Harvester Scout that I see in wrecking yards, while ignoring nearly all air-cooled Volkswagen Beetles that I find in the same yards? 1979 was the next-to-last year for the IHC Scout, as truck shoppers moved away from indestructible-but-uncivilized four-wheel-drive steel boxes that rattled like a coffee can full of sockets falling downstairs on every road irregularity and swilled fuel without regard for certain events in the Middle East.
Today’s SUV drivers would consider just about everything about the Scout to be absolutely unacceptable, although that tune would change if the zombie apocalypse came and they had to do some real off-road driving in the boonies.
According to the emissions sticker under the hood, this truck came with IHC’s 304-cubic-inch V8 under the hood. Wait, you mean you have to stop and get outside the truck and kneel in the mud to switch between two- and four-wheel-drive? However, this one had been upgraded with a genuine UNISEF brand 2-band stereo cassette deck, with fast-forward.
This truck is several notches past being restoration-worthy, so it’s hard to argue with the economics of stuffing it into The Crusher. Ram and GM [appear to] have moved to electronic locking hubs even on Tradesman and WT models. Unless someone wises them up, the top and seat go into the shredder with the rest of the rig. I see that Wrangler steering wheel with all the buttons and think that if the roof were taken off and any rain got on that wheel all those functions would get screwed up. I vividly remember the passenger side door falling right off one day , less than three years old . 36 years later there is the option of a Toyota 4 Runner, which is a palace on wheels by comparison.

The rig that apparently broke through the glass ceiling was the Hornet-based Eagle – with its carpeting and leather, an obvious car with a Jeep drivetrain underneath. Is it weird that I’m wishing MM had photographed that 1-year-only ’93 Grand Wagoneer in the background? Scouts are still pretty commonplace in Colorado, for reasons too obvious to get into here, and that means that some of them are going to wear out and take that final tow-truck ride. Bumper sticker, window decals and all – this vehicle inside and out was what I spent time in while exploring the Rocky Mountains all those years ago. I had a crush on the old Jeep CJ-7 but learned to drive a manual in a ’76 Jeep CJ-5 with the 3spd floor mounted manual that my cousin had or may still have. On a road trip I spotted a tombstone with a Scout carved on it in a graveyard in Durango (or maybe Cortez.) They really loved these things in Colorado. That truck sure looks like it could have had what ever was wrong fixed and been good for another decade or so of CO winters. It is interesting the Anything less is just a car sticker makes you think it was owned by a hard core IH guy.
You’re right, She DOES still look decent to put back on the road, if the right person found her and did what needed to be done. Don’t confuse this engine with the unrelated the 304-cubic-inch V8 installed in many AMC products (including, confusingly, Jeeps) during the 1970s. But as has happened with essentially every other technology, electronic hubs have surpassed them in every other aspect that the .01% of the time they end up being less reliable goes unnoticed.
By the time of the A-series in 1957 they were offering a fleetside-type box and two-tone paint.

This one is a bit rusty, but should have been good for a few more years of farm-equipment-style abuse. It is a junkyard snapshot of a Colorado vehicle typically roaming around west of Golden heading north to Boulder on Colorado 7 west of Rocky Flats.
No matter what happens with Beetles in this series, though, when I see a Scout in the junkyard, I’m going to document it. I think that I have finally found a rusty Colorado vehicle that will earn the respect of Michigan residents. That rig wasn’t fast, but it would take hills in high gear that friends with Dodge or Ford pickups had to shift down for. The thing was several years old when I visited and learned to drive in it (1982) and the first gear syncro was worn out so it’d pop out of gear easily but I still learned how to drive a stick and have a manual in my truck as I speak! Now beginning the restoration of a ’74 IH Scout II (345), amazing that so far, everything is identical. Axles torn apart, for now, all frame, tranny, misc parts in for sandblasting, body stored in a barn, doors and hood plus a million parts in basement, topper in garage with drivetrain parts to begin the clean up, then re-build.

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