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Whether or not you’re constantly living in fear of having your smartphone swiped while on the subway, or you keep leaving it behind, then these Top 10 Anti-Theft apps for Android will help you out. Wear Aware is of course something for those with an Android Wear watch, but it’s a great little thing to have installed. Cerberus is an app packed with great features, like the ability to pull data off of the phone to see who’s been using it for what, as well as assigning trusted SIM cards, finding out where it is and even custom alarm messages.
This is a pretty decent offering from AVAST, and while it does mostly what others do there are a few stand outs.
If you’re in need of something fairly basic and have an Android Wear smartwatch, then this is your best bet. Some of these apps have features that can help you track down your missing phone by triggering it to ring off the hook, send its GPS location to your email or when worse comes to worst, allow you to wipe your data from the missing smartphone remotely.
Alternatively, you can remotely control your phone by connecting it to the Commander option, a web-based interface. In some smartphones, Plan B can enable the GPS on the phone then update you with its location every 10 minutes.
Although it’s a free app, the app lets you take pictures from the smartphone camera (front and rear) and make your phone speak using text-to-speech.
The Pro account (monthly subscription) lets you track the movements of the stolen smartphone with a history map so you know where your device is heading. Se lo smartphone si trovasse nei paraggi, lo puoi anche far squillare, per andare a recuperarlo.
Abbiamo provato e per ora…non funziona sempre, soprattutto sulla versione italiana di Google. This opera is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
When your watch and your phone are connected, the ability for one to find the other seems like a natural feature to add. As nice as this is to have, it could have been done without the necessity of the separate Android Device Manager app. The Android Wear companion app updated Google Play Services on the watch, which brought ADM with it. Hmm, the voice command results in a google search and when I use the menu, the watch claims my phone is ringing but it's not. With the innumerable Android smartphone launches every week, users looking for a new phone are always in tight spot about which handset to buy, Google now has the answer. Users in the results page can also filter the smartphones based on carriers, sizes, prices, and latest phones. With their charming looks and decent configurations, the two handsets may draw your attention. If you like capturing photos with smartphone, the 5-inch Android handset may be able to catch your eyes. Fie ca un membru al familiei ?i-a pierdut telefonul mobil, cel mai important lucru este de a gasi repede.
Aceasta aplica?ie include o caracteristica de naviga?ie ?i pana la locul telefonului furat.

When your watch and smartphone are no longer connected, your Android Wear watch will go crazy, with a red display and constant vibrations.
An advanced approach to keeping your phone locked down, and figuring out where it’s ended up should you have lost it or worse, had it taken from you. For one, their website is very well put together and easy to use, and you can lock your device with a custom text message. It doesn’t offer much in the way of features, but if you leave your phone lying around not too far away from you, then you can use this to find out where it is.
Prey is absolutely jammed with useful features, and performs the same taking a photo trick as the GotYa app does.
This makes it nice and easy to keep your device in top shape as well as giving it a safety net when something happens to your device, too. We’ve got 5 great anti-theft apps that can help you get your smartphone back or at least keep your sensitive data safe from identity theft. The rest of them are preventive measures, meaning you should already have them before something bad happens to your device. When your smartphone goes missing, sending a code via text will make the phone ring (even when set in silent mode) while another text code sends you the GPS coordinates of the phone. Where’s My Droid also offers a Pro version which lets you take pictures with the camera (you might be able to take a snapshot of the perpetrator), remote lock the phone rendering it impenetrable or remote wipe the app to save your data from misuse. Plan B is an Android app from Lookout Labs which locates your smartphone using cell towers and GPS, then sends the location of your smartphone to your Gmail Inbox.
You can activate (via SMS or the Web) the alarm to ring with a flashing screen, enable and disable the GPS, data and Wi-Fi connection, remote wipe the SD card, and get their latest call list. You can also retrieve the most recent call logs – and it works even without a SIM card plugged in.
You can also get protection for multiple devices, and receive notification for when it leaves a pre-selected fenced-in area (good for keeping watch on your little ones). Here’s some news coverage on how the app actually helped a user get his stolen phone (and the car it was in) back. Here are a few more anti-theft apps, some with the added protection against viruses that you might pick up while surfing the Web.
In the event that your phone has run out of battery, it will notify you of its last known location. Unwanted or unknown calls and text messages can also be blocked, and it lets you hide certain information from friends and family who borrow your phone for use.
Lost devices can be located on a map, and the Pro version gives you a scream alarm to help you find your missing device.
If your phone or tablet is stolen or missing, you can also set a lock screen message to help the locator find you and make your device ring even when it’s on silent mode.
Non si puo invece bloccarlo per evitare che venga utilizzato da chi ve lo avesse rubato; o meglio, si puo fare solo tramite Gestione Dispositivi Android. Oddly, Android Wear hasn't been able to do that so far, at least not without third-party apps adding it in. Apparently this feature isn't available to everyone yet - it looks like it's one of the "silent" back-end updates on Google's end of the system, popping up without an update to either Android Wear's firmware or the ADM app itself.

The fact that it does rely on the app makes me think that more complex functionality might be on the horizon, particularly if those rumors of Wi-Fi functionality for Wear pan out.
Which marks the last known location of your phone when Bluetooth disconnected so you can find your phone if you leave it somewhere and it gets shut off (at least gives you a place to start looking). The search giant has unveiled a new tool that recommends handsets to users based on their preferences, gleaned by making users answer a few questions. Describing the tool, Google says, "With many Android phones to choose from, here's a great place to start.
Depending on their selection, users are shown further questions essentially asking them to detail how many hours a day they spend in their chosen use case.
Several features have also been recently showcasing a number of new features to make the users' overall experience more productive.
Aplica?ia utilizeaza date sigure de la companiile de telefonie mobila pentru a urmari ?i de a afi?a loca?ia telefonului pe o harta.
The basic highlight of this is that it will take a photo using your front-facing camera, send it to you along with the GPS and nearby WiFi networks (perfect for when on holiday and you know the cafes).
So perhaps your address, your phone number or just a healthy warning that you know where the thief is. It works on all sorts of platforms and if you really need to keep something secure, then Prey is the way to go. This app can be used even after you have lost your smartphone due to its remote install feature and is hidden from the launcher to prevent uninstallation. The free version lasts for a week, while the Pro version lets you use it for up to 5 devices under the same account.
For that sum, you get the regular anti-theft protection, antivirus protection, plus data backup and restore functions. A nifty trick it has is that the phone is automatically locked once the SIM card is removed.
Google is correcting this oversight today with a new update to the Android Device Manager system.
That could enable you to find any of your Android devices via your watch from any Wi-Fi connection, even without a Bluetooth connection to a phone or tablet. Users have to choose at least three options, and then click on "Show Me Phones" to view the recommended handsets. Google this week at the SMX Paris Search Conference showed what is said to be Location-Aware Search or geocontextual search. With ADM installed on your phone, you can issue an "OK Google, find my phone" voice command to your Wear device to make it ring out like a mildly annoyed baby.
There is a bit of battery hit with this, but it’s great to turn on and off depending on where you are.
An ability to deliver real-time public transit information in the Google Maps app has also been given.

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