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View cell tower data – down to details like exact location, direction, signal strength, type of connection, tower ID, network etc. There's nothing worse than losing your phone—except losing your phone when the ringer is silent.
Play Really Loud MusicThis sounds a little counterintuitive until you learn how it works.All you need is a set of speakers.
Smartphone AppsIf you have a smartphone, there are a number of apps you can use to find it.
A great selection of cell phone service jammer,cell phone jammer kit Find a drop-off location near you!
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If you're alone, it can be excruciatingly hard to find your lost device even if the ringer is on, considering most of us don't have landlines anymore. McAfee's WaveSecure app lets you to track your device online via GPS or text message, and allows you to remote lock or wipe your phone, even if the SIM card is changed.

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Every time I took a call, I used to walk out to the balcony of another room facing the other direction (to get better signal strength) and the call would be dropped. So, the next time you find yourself hunting for your phone, don't tear your house apart until you've tried some of these quick tips.
If you have an account, enter any phone number and Google Voice will call your phone first before calling the number you entered. That annoying white noise you sometimes hear when you make a phone call works to your benefit here. As Lifehacker pointed out, it will still call the other number if you don't find your phone and answer before voicemail takes over, so be sure to choose wisely. If you can get close to where the phone is hiding, the speakers can pick up the interference. It appears that there were two towers in my area and when I walked to the balcony, the signal from the first one became too weak and dropped the call and then my phone would connect to the second tower when I reach the balcony.
It keeps baby's feeding surface clean and sanitized and has the features that moms and toddlers need.

With Open Signal Maps, I could also find out that I get 85% signal strength near the window of my room itself.
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