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If you are unable to open Facebook in your office or school, then its probably because that the system administrator of your office or school has blocked Facebook on the network. Its very easy to block Facebook and other social networking sites, so most schools and offices block Facebook hoping to improve the productivity of their employees or students. An important point to keep in mind here is that since all network traffic is transferred via proxy, they can monitor the traffic to steal your sensitive information. Do check out all the above methods to open blocked Facebook and let us know if you know about any other method to unblock Facebook on the network.
Welcome back, my tenderfoot hackers!Have you ever wondered where the physical location of an IP address is?
This useful network information utility will return all available information about an IP address or a domain, including postal address (country, state, city), phone, name of the network provider, and administrator and technical support contact information. Transport Icon Set is a professional collection that includes transport and traffic themed icons, available in the following formats: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256.
E-Mail Icon Set is a collection of wonderfully-crafted stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs and presentations. Ever had to figure out the IP address of your or someone else’s wireless network so that you could change its settings? However, these days you need to login and at least setup a secure password for your WiFi network that is different than the one assigned by default.
If you’re already connected to the wireless network, then it’s really easy to figure out the IP address of the router.
You can only determine the router IP address from a device that is connected over WiFi or from a device connected by cable (Ethernet).
If you’re connected by wire or wirelessly, you can simply open the command prompt and run a simple command. Scroll down till you get to the heading that has Ethernet adapter Ethernet or Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi in the name. It’s worth noting that the default gateway is actually just the IP address for the router that connects to the Internet. Now you can go ahead and type that address into your browser and you should be see the login page for your router. In my case, my default gateway is my Verizon Actiontec router that also acts as my wireless router. However, if you cannot run the command prompt for some reason or you need to find more than one router on the network, then you need a network scanning tool.
However, you can still get some information about wireless networks you’re not connected to by using some third-party tools.

For example, let’s say you go to your school library and you know there is a wireless network there, but SSID broadcast is turned off for security reasons.
In order to download it, you have to fill out a bunch of info, but thankfully you can just make up everything and it’ll let you download it.
If you are connected to the network, it will be able to display the Gateway, DNS server, MAC address, etc. So to recap, you need to be connected via WiFi or Ethernet in order to figure out the IP address for the default gateway using the command prompt. Lastly, if you have no connection to the network, you can still get basic information about wireless networks using a WiFi detection tool.
About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. Maybe you want to know if that proxy server you are using is actually out of your local legal jurisdiction.
The address is not unique for every router, but still there is no universal router IP address either.
Arm Whois can find the information about a computer located in any part of the world, intelligently querying the right whois server.
A collection of practical and eye catching icons representing all basic operations required for surfing the internet or using various applications. The collection includes both 256-color icons (for all Windows versions) and full-color icons for Windows XP and Vista. Most people setup their wireless networks right out of the box without any configuration and therefore have no idea what the IP address is. Usually, you’ll only see one, but computers with WiFi cards and Ethernet cards will see two listings.
In certain networks with more than one router, this might be the IP address of your ISP router, but not necessarily your wireless router. Make sure to check out my previous post on how to scan your network for devices, which will show you not only how to get the IP address for all routers, but also for any other device connected to the network. They won’t be able to give you a lot of information, but it could help you find a hidden wireless network. Even though it’s not secure at all, people use it to try and prevent others from connecting to their wireless network.
If there is more than one router on your network, you’ll need to scan your network using the tools I mentioned in my previous post. Or, maybe you have the IP address of someone you are corresponding with and want to make certain they are where they say they are.

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Arm Whois can save received information to a text file, and process lists of IP addresses or domains in batch mode. Each icon has 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 versions, as well as variants with and without shadows.
The IP address of the wireless access point is the IP address that is listed for Default Gateway. To detect more than one router, check out the link in the paragraph below on scanning your network for devices. WiFi Inspector is a program that can detect wireless networks even if SSID broadcast is turned off. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. You can also go to Google Translate and translate Facebook from English to English to unblock it. However, your router ip address can be easily found right inside your PC where all other network information is available.In this Tutorial, we are going to show you two different methods to find your router IP address using your PC. There isn’t much to tinker around, with a simple command you will have all the details.To get started, press Windows+R keys on your Keyboard, this will open “Run” program.
Their software has a beautiful front end that makes querying the database easy enough that even Windows or Mac users can manage.MaxMind also gives away a free developers version of this database without any software or tools to read it. All we need to find the location of the IP is a program to read this data.Two programmers, Jennifer Ennis and T. Here type “ipconfig” and press “Enter”, you will see different parameters in the same window. Williams, have developed a small Python script called pygeoip and released it under the GPL license that enables us to input an IP address and output this critical information. I think this tutorial is self-explanatory, but if you want to refresh your Python skills before diving in, take a look at our Python tutorials.
Maybe someone here in the Null Byte community with good Python skills would like to write an interactive script with a nice user interface where the user can simply enter the IP and get the record information?Keep coming back, my tenderfoot hackers, as we continue to explore the tools and techniques of hacking!

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