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Reverse phone lookup services have been around forever but they are mostly limited to a particular country or region. If you are unhappy to see your number listed in the app’s database there an easy way to delist it. About The Author+Namit Gupta is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things technology.
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You must keep one thing in your mind that we do not submit fake contacts to disturb others as this is against of rules. Facebook owned WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging service in the world, but setting up an initial account on your smartphone is always a pain, much thanks to their stringent verification process.
And if there’s a call from an unknown number, it queries its database and shows the caller details on the phone screen if a match is found. TrueCaller, which launched in 2009, claims to have more five million users and a global view.

When you install the app it uploads your phone’s entire address book (that includes names and phone numbers of contacts) to TrueCaller servers.
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It's worth noting that there is another app called Text Now which isn't useful in this scenario. More Details here Google Doodle celebrates Mario de Miranda's 90th birthday Meet Mi Bunny: 6 Awesome Features of Xiaomi’s first Smartwatch!

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