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Users who are new to Apple products wish to find a fast way to check iPhone model or models of devices other people are using. A lot of people are talking about the iPhone these days, and here you will get to know about a few ways you can find the IMEI number, the serial number and the ICCID of your iPhone. You need to connect your iPhone to your PC and then select your device when it starts appearing in iTunes (7.6 or higher).
Select the 'Summary' tab and you will get to know about the serial number of your device.You will get to see the IMEI number by clicking on the 'Phone Number' in the same 'Summary' tab. Open the 'About' screen of your device by going to Settings, then General and then About from the homescreen.Scroll down a little and you will get to see the IMEI and serial number.
Update #1: To find your original carrier & unlock status by IMEI you can try our FREE iPhone IMEI Check. Just when I got the first iOS smartphone [it was a gift, I didn’t purchase it myself] I had no idea what my model was. I will share them with you so that you have no problems in discovering which model of iPhone you or your friends have.

Just turn your iPhone on its back and take a look at the numbers of your model under the smartphone’s badge.
There are numerous posts regarding IMEI as well as how to check whether or not the IMEI is valid.
If you are a Windows user then you can perform this action by choosing 'Edit' and then 'Preferences'.
Five methods you can follow in order to know about the IMEI and serial number of your iPhone. Unlockboot strives hard to bring you the most reliable methods online, and will continue to do so.
Also youi can find out how to decode IMEI number and see iPhone model, country and many more interesting factsabout your gadget. The Serial Number of your iPhone should be kept safe and is usually displayed on the packaging it came with.
In this article we will teach you how to find this serial number.It is vital to save the packaging of the devices you buy.

It may be used to return a malfunctioning device and usually the seller will ask you for proof that you bought it in his store.
Furthermore, you never know when you want to sell the device yourself and the new buyer might ask you for the original packaging. It will show you a bunch of statistics regarding you phone and present you with information about the device. For example if you are running the Kindle app and you want to import one of your books to another device.
Since the Kindle app doesn’t supply you with a Kindle device serial number, some applications might ask you to input your iPhone or iPod Touch serial number instead.

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