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We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her.
But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned. As the startup delays grew longer and the clicks escalated, I began to fear that my expensive purchase would soon not function at all. I Googled the Samsung "click of death" in the hope, however remote, that it was a common issue and could be solved by some sort of do-it-yourself voodoo. Then I came across a link with news I had missed when it happened earlier this year: Samsung had actually been hit with a class-action lawsuit in Oklahoma City over this very issue and had settled it in spring. The offer only applies to symptoms "such as not turning on, experiencing a significant delay in turning on, making a clicking sound, cycling on and off, or other similar problems," and it only applies to a set of specific models manufactured before December 31, 2008. He told me that the issue was a common one in flat panel TVs and was actually keeping him in business.
He replaced nine of the capacitors with 25V 1000µf capacitors just to be safe and closed the TV back up. The home visit, parts, and labor would have run me nearly $300, and the TV was out of warranty. If you live in the US and have a Samsung TV displaying one of the "Covered TV Symptoms," you have 18 months from March 2, 2012 to file a claim. Here's a recipe for failure: put a bunch of consumer-grade 105C caps right next to a heatsink for four TIP packages, then shroud the area with two cable headers to ensure that there's no airflow to carry away the heat.
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To switch the keyboard back to the Mac, on the iPad switch off Bluetooth, then switch it on on the Mac.  Once the keyboard is paired, you can re-enable Bluetooth on the iPad for the benefit of other devices (and vise-versa on the Mac), but the keyboard will stay with its initial partner.

I am using a mac and iPad with an Apple Wireless keyboard and switching back and forth frequently. I don’t think Apple thought of the Bluetooth devices being used in this way, hence no way of cycling the active pairing. Well, this is even more complicated for an iMac unless you have a wired mouse or keyboard to fill in for the the bluetooth devices (otherwise it will be difficult to turn on your bluetooth once turned off). I purchased a 55-inch Samsung LCD television a few years ago for a not inconsiderable amount of money, which I justified to myself—and to my wife, who followed the "42 inches should be enough for anybody" principle—by noting that the TV would last for years, no doubt providing the decades of service seen from many of the old CRT televisions and probably ending up as an heirloom which would be passed down to our children until it one day ended up on the 2095 version of Antiques Roadshow, astonishing the nation with the fact that it still looked great displaying 1080p video.
Powering on the TV would make it click once, pause, then click again as though something inside were cycling, before it eventually sprang to glorious life. A repair bill likely loomed in my future, and if past TV repair experience was anything to go on, I would probably end up spending a hundred bucks for a technician to come out only to find that he couldn't fix the problem.
I ran downstairs with laptop in hand to compare the list to the small sticker on the back of my TV set. Samsung has denied the claims in the Oklahoma City lawsuit, but to its credit it did agree to take care of the problem (and did so even before the settlement was reached).
While it's working fine again now, I keep wondering how long I have until the next design flaw blows out some tiny component. The person who laid this out needs to catch some Special High Intensity Training.Almost any electrolytic cap, whether it's of questionable quality to begin with or not, is going to see a dramatically reduced lifetime in this situation. For some reason to get the iPad to pick up the newly released keyboard, you may have to press the keyboard power switch to prompt it to re-pair.  You may even have to press and hold the keyboard power button until the green light goes out, then quickly press once more to turn the keyboard back on.
Do I really need to constantly switch the bluetooth on both devices to accomplish the changed pairing?
The problem was well-known, and well-complained about online, but the fix involved plucking key capacitors out of the unit and replacing them.

Both were replaced under the original 3yr warranty, both failed AGAIN (same problem) within another 18 months because they replaced the defective monitor with bad capxon capacitors with another defective monitor with more bad capxon capacitors. If the replacements are identical parts, there's really no reason to believe that the replacements will last any longer than the originals did.
I used to play with breadboards and built simple circuits when I was a kid, but there was just no way I was messing around with the internals of my 55-inch TV. I had only to call a toll-free phone number and Samsung said that it would send out a local repair tech free of charge to replace a set of capacitors on the TV's power supply. Given there's no possibility Samsung didn't know they were putting out bad product by the end, they ought to be on the hook for every device they've sold with a defective capacitor, in or out of warranty.Anyway, all of this is why I replaced my Samsung flatpanels with a Dell U-series and will never buy Samsung products again. Others aren't so skittish—and this can indeed be done yourself if you're comfortable with a soldering iron. A technician from a reputable local company showed up at my door Monday morning, we took the TV off its stand and laid it face down on the floor, and he opened it up and began surgery. The experience was positive enough that the dark thoughts I had been harboring–"I am never buying a Samsung product ever again!"–faded a bit, just as they did when Microsoft replaced my "red ring of death" Xbox 360 with no questions asked.
Or add a tiny fan.All electrolytics will dry out over time when in use - high temperature (such as what these parts certainly saw) just accelerates the process.

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