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Each Apple iPad comes with a Unique series of numbers ie the Serial number, IMEI Number & ICCID Number which are useful for the Apple Support Team to recognize your iPad and diagnose it. First of all is the Apple iTunes Software which is bridge between your Apple iPad and your Computer.

Hope the above informative tutorial which was created with the help of Apple Support was useful to use in finding the iPad Numbers for warranty and other issues.
Once you have completed the steps in this form and submitted it, a SIM2 representative will contact you or will send you instructions. The IMEI Number is the number which is assigned to every mobile phone handset, and while the iPad also offers similar functions it comes with IMEI Number too. Once you connect the computer to the iPad using the USB Cable, you will find the details in the software screen itself.

SIM2 product registration is totally voluntary and failure to register will not diminish your warranty rights.

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