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If you are new with your Galaxy S5 and learning few things about the smart phone, then this post will be very helpful for you.
A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. So it is always better to learn about these computer viruses and try to gain more awareness. This is the first and very basic thing you need to do, install a reliable anti virus software on your system. Most of the times we become a virus victim because of opening unknown attachments in emails. Configure your antivirus software to start at boot up and run all the time, this will make sure that your computer is always safe even at start up. Here I am not saying don’t download programs from web but I am saying to download required programs only from trusted sources. USB devices are the widely used mediums for spreading viruses as it can be easily infected. Above are some good tips to keep your computer virus free but what ever care we take sometimes accidentally a virus can attack your computer, so I would advice you to have a back up program on your computer which will take the complete and clean backup of your computer.

The following pages were created by Brian Crawford with the intent of sharing information with all bicycle enthusiasts! If you call your service provider, and if they ask you to verify your account, you may have been asked the IMEI and Serial number of your phone as a part of the verification.
Antivirus software scans your computer in real time and check for any suspicious activities on your system. If you can not afford a commercial antivirus program then you can also use Avast antivirus (home edition) which is completely free and most reliable among free antivirus programs. So always make sure that you scan each email through your antivirus program to make sure that it is virus free. Configuring your antivirus program to start by itself will ensure you get immediate protection anyway.
As I have already mentioned everyday new type of computer viruses are being created in order to make maximum possible harm to your computer. Do not download pirated software from the internet as they contain very dangerous computer viruses. These antivirus software have a data base of virus definitions and from these definitions they find out a virus on your system.

Even if you are sending a mail, scan it and then send it, this will make sure that you are not spreading any viruses, be responsible.
If at all you have to download from internet then make sure to scan itA before opening the file.
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Computer viruses can cause a complete damage to your property as well as to your personal life as well in some cases. Apart from the virus definitions these software also keep an eye on the activities going on in your system and if they find anything suspicious they will block the program and will keep you safe. So it best to change the setting in your program to automatically update itself whenever any new updates come.

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