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Four of Owner's most popular saltwater hooks, in selected sizes, are now available in ringed models. Ideal for trolling and Chunking, these hooks are built to tackle the biggest meanest fish in any ocean. RIP MINNOW 112SP, With an enticing wobbling action, our largest minnow bait dives when retrieved, then stop and jerk the bait as it suspends. Twitch it, pop it, jerk it or crank it, the Aile Killifish can do it all, Coming in 10 different colors, this ultra-light lure looks just like a struggling little bait fish, and its Well balanced structure and tight wobbling action sets new standards for UL lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to spring-back after opening. Super strong, welded rings in the eye of each hook reduces stress on the hook, making overall unit stronger.

Big game trolling enthusiasts will find these hooks ideal for custom rigging large baits and skirted lures. It has incredibly realistic design is one of the many industry leading features of this lip-less shallow diving lure.
The innovation flutter-tail adds to the presentation and will flutter when retrieved fast and slow.
Ringed hooks also allow live bait to swim more naturally, and once hooked up, the hook pivoting on the ring tends to wear less of a hole in an active fishes mouth.
Features include Cultiva exclusive living Eyes, moving weight system with thunder rattles, and highly reflective textured, holographic and foil finishes. The super-strong and sways left and right like an injured bait fish when retrieved fast, triggering explosive strikes.

When you change from triple hooks, and good balance will be asked to change about two sizes up. Features include an extra-heavy, XXX-strong forged shank, a deep throat bend, Cutting Point and anti-corrosion black chrome finish.

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