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December 28, 2012 by RBDretail Leave a Comment We LOVE our cell phone store owners, and future cell phone store owners!
This is because internet and keyword marketing are based on search engines which use databases to access search terms. I worked as a barista for almost ten years and have encountered some of the strangest and rudest people I’ve ever met while I was wearing an apron. I present you with the post I always wanted to write when I was a barista; this is an open letter to all of the horrible, horrible customers that did everything in their power to get me to hate my job. By all means, ask questions about the drinks, have the barista explain some fundamental differences between them, ask for recommendations, ask if there are any specials. Nevermind this post being strictly about coffee shop customers, I really wish the sign pictured to the right was in every business.
Why interact with digital versions of people on the Facebook app when you could be interacting with a real life human being standing a foot away from you; a person who just wants to serve you really great coffee! Baristas are not lazy, uneducated, or unambitious, so don’t talk to them like they are.
I had two sweet old biddies, Gracie and Diane, at the register one morning fussing with each other about who was going to cover the bill for their pot of Earl Grey and two biscotti.
No feelings were hurt, I got my line moving again, and we all got a great anecdote for dinner parties.
Baristas work incredibly hard for the incredibly small paycheck they take home and for the incredibly low amount of respect they’re shown by their customers. Virgin Mobile Canada is giving LG 150 Canada cell phone owners a new cell phone of equal or greater value due to the LG 150 Canada recall.
Virgin Mobile is supporting the voluntary recall of the LG 150 mobile phone, announced on January 27, 2009 by LG Electronics Canada Inc. Although the recall is voluntary, Virgin Mobile is encouraging customers with the LG 150 to exchange it free of charge by March 31, 2009. Would be silly to go out of your way to return it to a store – plus you would need your original sales receit for that store. Got the replacement phone quickly, but after THREE DAYS of attempts by over 10 different customer service reps for Virgin, was unable to have new phone successfully activated.
Received the replacement LG570 for the recalled LG150 on wednesday, but despite several attempts to activate it, it is still not working.
This new phone he got (for free!) has a camera, MP3 player, headphones, tons of memory space, and Bluetooth included!
My wife and I both received new LG570 replacement phones 4 business days from Virgin mobile by applying online.
Our new phones have more options and we are pleased for such quick service as well as much better phones. I filled out the online form right away when I got the text about the recall and they sent me an lg Rumor. After getting the first text, we filled in the form to send in the LG150, and it seemed to have gone through. A WEEK later, after all this hoo-hah, we get the package, open it up, and inside is a LG 160!! Everyone else seems to be getting nice phones, so why do I get this phone thats only worth $50!? Considering I only paid $30 for this phone & it came with $30 credit this has been a great deal!
LG160 is a much inferior phone to the lg150 and would suggest you pressure the company to give you something of equal or superior value.

TOOK FIFTEEN DAYS for replacement (after numerous phone calls and being lied to over and over)! Virgin is playing the waiting game and hopes we will lose interest if they don’t reply.
And I thought I was the only one having an issue trying to get a replacement phone, My girlfriend got her replacement in 2 days, me well lets just say it has been 5 weeks and counting!!!! Customer service is always friendly and tries to be helpfull, however how many times must I keep answering the same questions, do you have the number on the back of the phone, what address did you have it mailed to etc etc. I have been told that my phone was shipped to my apt # not my street address, it has been shipped to a company in Brampton, I am in Pickering etc. Requested a replacement phone through the Virgin website – it was delivered this past week, three and a half weeks after completing the online form. 2) the battery connections (+ & -) are in different locations and thus completely incompatible.
Needless to say, the replacement phone has been sent back, along with a note thanking Virgin for their completely retarded effort. One more thing the battery is smaller in size and in CAPACITY wich means 17% less talk and stand buy time.
Well the LG 160 when they were both being sold at the same time WAS more expensive than the 150.
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Use reverse phone directory lookup and free people search to find owners names and addresses get instant reports on cell phone numbers, landlines, and businesses. Reverse lookup a phone number to find the owner's name & address cell phone, landline, & unlisted numbers search now. Reverse cell phone lookup reverse phone lookup reverse phone number look reverse cell lookup phone number lookup contact information jose moreno founder. Reverse phone look up for any type of numberfaxcelltextresidential800unlistedfind out who has been calling you. Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about Reverse Phone Lookup Find Out Who Owns Cell Phone . Doing a search online can show you first how many times a term is searched for each month and secondly how many competing sites there are in your area for those search terms. This is the idea that the search engines know the IP address or location of your computer, phone or tablet when you are searching and will direct your search results to return stores that close in proximity to your location. I KNOW, you were thinking that you would get cute or fun ideas to name your cell phone store, but it is actually our highest recommendation that you name it something factually correct and location based to get the most search engine and local traffic possible.
Nope, just use your creativity in logo and collateral design and save your true marke efforts for when it really counts!
And believe it or not, now that I’m the one on the other side of the cash register, I notice how awful customers are even more!
Pay attention to the sign above the door when you walk into a cafe, pay attention to employee uniforms, get your nose out of your cell phone screen and look around you – the world is a beautiful place! There are trees, and sunshine, and children laughing, and green grass, and majestic mountains – all the stuff you’re Googling on your iPhone can be seen in real life too! Far be it from me to interfere with a lifelong friendship or a budding romance, but you’re holding up my line. This is a very simple, quick way to end the customers’ argument without being a jerk and getting your line moving again. If you can’t afford that (which I totally understand), you could make a barista’s day just putting the change you receive into their tip jar.

Instead ofA  going through the online form visit a Virgin Mobile store near you to get it faster. In support of the voluntary recall, we’re giving everyone who has the LG 150 a free replacement phone. To say thanks for your cooperation in making the switch, we’ll add a $10 bonus airtime credit to your account once your new replacement phone is activated. They are sending a new phone via courier, and he’s getting a $25 airtime credit, not $10!
At one step it showed the replacement was the LG 160, a downgrade in quality as far as I’m concerned, but given how much she uses it, the airtime credit is worth it. I think I saw something about my replacement phone being an LG 160 and I’m worried that I missed my chance to pick something less lamesauce.
I have no complaint about the amount of time it took, but I do have a complaint about the replacement phone. But many people paid 80$ for this phone and expect at least the same specs and acceptable aesthetics. Customer service jobs involve the most amount of work, with the most demanding of people, and the lowest amount of pay. I mean, for goodness sake, if you really don’t know where you are, ask another customer! You may think it’s stupid, and it may get made fun of a lot, but that only proves that their branding works.
Baristas are some of the hardest working people in the food and beverage service industry; yet, they also seem to be the easiest targets for criticism and lampooning.
Let me be entirely forthcoming about something here: the insanely wide range in salary gap between us and them did not in any way proffer the act of very literally throwing their money at us. And don’t even get me started on how adorable it is when starry-eyed teenagers do it on a first date. You’ll be able to keep your current mobile phone number, and the new phone will be of equal or greater value. Many ran the story about the recall and how they were giving nice phones in return maybe they will want to recant their stories and give Virgin a good public trashing for using them to scam people. While this is a fun name for a car stereo store, only people who know that Car Tunes means car stereos will be able to find it easily.
There are so many variations of the same beverage, recipes and ratios to memorize, so many foreign-sounding words being thrown around. In my experience, there are two types of baristas: the underemployed, and the career-minded. For those of us who take coffee seriously, coffee is an art, a science, a craft that takes years and years of practice and experimentation and focus and dedication and endless hours of tweaking variables so that you, the customer, has the distinct privilege of enjoying the very best cup of coffee possible. Now if enough people keep their phones and don’t activate the 160 maybe they will get the message.
You do not have to send back anything else than the phone and I don’t get why they would want used cases or chargers.
So i called and I gave them the reference number, the guy said that the online application did not go through, so he did it over the phone and gave me a new reference number.

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