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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
If your friends are constantly yelling at you to get off your phone, or if you think that you might be slightly addicted to your smartphone, there is now an app for that.
The Menthal App is free with the Android and monitors how you use your smartphone, and what exactly you're using it for. The Menthal app also categorizes your information to tell you what type of personality you have; some people are naturally more interactive than others and it's a good thing to know. Now how do we get the voicemails to text that actually are any resemblance of what the voicemail was. Connected Rogers™ is a trademark of Rogers Publishing Limited or an affiliate, used under license. Now when you're sending an email or texting, tap the little world icon on the bottom left of your keyboard (left of the spacebar) to access emoji icons.

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Plus, to really help you kick the habit, the app compares your potential addiction with the rest of the population. If you're not one who is as interactive, the Menthal app statistics may suggest that you try to be a little more engaging with people. The message is immediately forwarded to your mobile phone both as an audio file and as a readable text, as long as it was left in either English or French. To have your messages forwarded to your mobile phone as a text, click Voicemail to MMS menu on the left-hand side.
Enter the 10-digit phone number associated with your mobile, and then place a check mark beside the Automatically forward my Home Phone voicemail messages box. Mine are doing this but still have to listen to the voicemail to make any sense of the text.

Sometimes you never really know just how much time you're spending on your phone until someone screams at you, or you're shown the proof. This app allows you to have a well balanced digital lifestyle by seeing how much time you spend on your phone and specifically to what app consumes most of your attention. With this knowledge in mind, spending time with someone can be a lot more fulfilling without all the digital interruptions.

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