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As far as talking is concerned, Samsung r355c can be proud of the reception and signal strength that it provides. Mobile Web Access is allowed and reliable since it operates on Verizon network but browsing is basic and slow.
This prepaid cell hone is equipped with decent 1.3mp camera that has all the little things like zoom, effects and frames. All of a sudden when I click reply to a text message, my phone automatically goes to reply with a picture text. Straight Talk, which is a value brand of prepaid phone plans released by TracFone, has some of the best plans in the business. The two plans from Straight Talk are very attractive because they are affordable, easy to use, require no contracts or commitments (since they are prepaid), and also run on the top-notch Verizon Wireless network.  These are all great reasons to have a look at these prepaid plans. This phone also comes with the first month of the unlimited plan, which will help you save money on your cell phone bill immediately.
This entry was posted in straight talk, tracfone and tagged lg290 phone, prepaid phones, straight talk wireless, tracfone, unlimited straight talk prepaid plan. Hi, in response to SoccerMoms question, I recently had a LG100C and loved it, but as we all know accidents happen and my boyfriend kinda broke it, so he went that night and bought me another one. De eso ya han pasado al menos un par de meses, ahora teniendo Movistar una nueva promocion para renovacion y portabilidad, solo que ahora el terminal ofrecido es el iPhone 5C. Tal como vemos en el cuadro de precios al que tuvimos acceso, el iPhone 5C estaria al mismo precio en sus capacidades de 16 y 32 GB, pero al parecer el terminal de mayor capacidad estaria fuera de stock, pero no pierden nada preguntando.
For $45 a month, with unlimited text and talk (data too but not important right now), you will be able to enjoy texting and talking to the fullest.
For those who are looking for more internet activity this prepaid cell phone is bad choice. Also, very good MP3 player is available as well as expandable SD card slot with maximum16gig memory expansions for storing your MP3s. I switched over to StraightTalk awhile ago from my monthly cell contract and it has saved my family so much. El plan incluye 2 GB de Internet y el precio es exclusivo para renovacion y portabilidad, tal como ya habiamos mencionado.
The only problem is that a volume loses a bit of clarity when at the highest volume settings.

However, for users who need to access their email accounts as Gmail, to update their status on Facebook, to read and send tweets, this is great option. The good news is that MP3s can be used as ringtone and the bad news is that you want be able to download pictures off the internet. Also, Samsung r355c has no any preset games and there is no possibility of downloading any.
I’m looking into both of these phones advertised above as a holiday gift for my daughter. It cost basically the same but Im not near as impressed with it, plus it has a slot for a memory chip, and without one you hardly can keep any pictures, or ringtones. In a way it functions, Samsung r355c is a basic cell phone as far as mobile web access is concerned. The shape of the phone is slightly tapered and has rubberized sides, that prevent slipping and makes handling it with one hand really convenient.
Blootooth and standard 3.5mm jack is available (no adapter needed) if you want to listen MP3s with headphones. On top of all that it drops call all the time, and it doesnt have near the signal strenghth that the LG100C had. Dont get me wrong, I very much appreciate the fact my boyfriend bought me another to replace it but the LG100C is the much better of the two phones I speak of here.
In fact, in most cases, it uses Verizon.Wouldn’t that mean all phones on the network would have to support GSM and CDMA? Or do I have this wrong?Holly OberleI also live in Europe and travel to the US about twice a year for a month or two at a time.
I did buy them used.This you tube video helped me to change the APN settings to get everything working just right! I have been waiting 28 days for a replacement SIM card for my iPhone 3GS that didn’t activate correctly.
They did not, nor would not offer rush shipping, although the faulty SIM card was sent 3day express. 7days go by…WEEK 2: called AGAIN (call center in The Philippines) for the status of this SIM card.
I asked to speak to a manager, which was in vain because he was just as useless and unappeasing.

Again I asked to speak to the rep’s supervisor, a Vanessa Rato (at this point I thought it would be prudent to start taking down names). Clearly she was avoiding the call, because the rep, Jay Ferson, would from time to time pick up and say, “She is still on another call, would you still like to hold?”.
Now that I think of it, I’m certain the reps are trained in ways to wear out irate customers that call HQ. The first rep I got was less than bright as he just kept repeating what the issue was and offered no solutions.
I told him this call was being recorded and he basically said don’t record, but he said a more “official” sounding response, like “I respectfully do not consent to this call being recorded”. This rep was more interested in sassily chiding me like a child instead of being solution oriented; she insisted that I must have ordered the wrong SIM card, that I must not have followed the directions online, both of which are incredibly incorrect.
Why would I order a TMobile anything if I have AT&T service and my SIM card is AT&T? The more of us that make noise and raise hell, the more likely that sleezy Straight Talk will treat customers better. Or just go away.chickenproxPlease do not buy, read my review below before purchasing!!I bought 2 sim cards from them (bring your own phone) and when THEY werent able to activate the sim cards they told me that since it wasnt my fault they would issue me a refund, even though they dont normally refund with the bring your own phone program. The lady gave me a reference number and told me that I would need to send it back with a tracking number, call back with it and it would take up to 15 days after they received the package for me to get my refund. I called today to give them the tracking number and after I did they informed me that they would not be giving me my refund. After arguing with them for 30 min I finally said “So she just basically lied to me about getting a refund so that I would send it back and you guys could resell it and make another $150 off it” she said YES MAM!! I told her that im glad she admitted to it and that I hope that this conversation was being recorded.

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