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If you are using WhatsApp on your computer then you have add every contact manually by going into emulator settings. The following video will demonstrate how to import contact list on WhatsApp in the latest version (2014) of Bluestacks. If you are importing contacts from the Google contacts, you may not get contacts in single list.
Note : To make things simple I using this directory, but if you know your way around bluestacks than you can drop the vcf file anywhere you want, just make sure you can find it later on.
Now bluestacks will search for the contact list and once detected, it will update contact automatically. More than 800 million active users worldwide speak volumes of the global popularity of WhatsApp. Apart from sharing the above content, people also share contacts using WhatsApp on their iPhones. Animated GIFs are the latest non-verbal expressions people love to use in their communication over social media. To get more storage space on Mac, we often tend to delete old data that we assume to be useless. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use the service hiding your status like you can do on Facebook. When you decide that it’s time to unblock those persons, simply visit the same menu and tap on the Edit button on the top-left. Another way to increase the level of privacy on WhatsApp is to deactivate the display of time and day of when you last logged in.
In this article I will be using windows computer but you can also use mac, steps are same for mac as for windows. We use software called bluestacks, which is able to run android apk on pc and mac and then we will install whatsapp messenger on it.
After the setup has been download install and run it on your system.After the installation is finished go to start and type start bluestacks and click on the program.

Once the program has been loaded go to search box and type whatsapp messenger, and download the package. After you have install whatsapp on your Pc, You will now need to customize it by importing your contacts from your phone and setting up a profile picture. Lately i receive many mail and comments in which people are asking  how to insert DP in whatsapp.
Traditional whatsapp sync contact automatically from mobile contact list, this won’t happen here and you have to manually enter every no or wait for your friend to connect you. Many people had asked me on mails and in comments on how to import phone contact list so I had come up with simple method that will do the trick. Check out this video on How to install whatsapp on PC, how to change profile picture on whatsapp in bluestacks and import your contact from your phone to bluestacks. Apparently there is rise in competitor for bluestacks like YouWave (which is paid), ManyMo (both paid and trial version) and many others. See the Video below on how to run and install whatsapp without downloading any emulator via Manymo.
So just for fun sake, even if you are looking for some images and funny memes to put it up when you are sick, here’s something. Not just for you, but even to tease your sick friends, you could just put it on your dp and tag your friends with your status. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life. WhatsApp for iOS 7 brings along a host of new changes including an all new design, new features and improvements. In this case, since it’s currently impossible to use WhatsApp as hidden, what I suggest you to do is to temporary block the annoying persons.
Simply visit the Settings of the app, select the voice Chat Settings -> Blocked and from the menu that appears tap on the plus button (+) on the top-right. Afterwards, you’ve to select the red button situated next to the name of the contact to unblock and tap on Delete to confirm the operation.

You can easily install whatsapp on PC but for that, you will need a software or better called it an emulator that can run android apps on pc. Click on small icon the bottom and go to the setting to change profile pic and add contacts select contacts.
And not just the season of rain, but its that time of the year when you see everybody falling sick.
Similarly if you use viber on your PC, you need a contact list to see which friend has installed viber. For this instance we will use Bluestacks as an example but the concept works for others as well. With such humongous reach and mass appeal, it goes without saying that people exchange so many things on this instant messaging app; they like to share instant messages, photos, videos, audio and user location also. As it happens to me to wish to have a function to hide on WhatsApp, but, unfortunately, there isn’t. There are many android emulator in the market know but here we will talk about bluestacks only. But to make everything crystal clear I have written this detail article on download whatsapp for pc windows using bluestacks. So lets take a look at the following steps and by the end of this article you will know how to install whatsapp messenger on your windows or mac.
It means you can send a message to a list of your friends or work colleagues instead of sending them individually.

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