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In The Trace, players will take on the role of Detective Sam Pearce, who has been called in to solve a murder case. The cause of death appears to be suicide – but somehow, as you cast your eye around, it doesn’t quite add up. Now because it was mentioned that there are three chapters in the game, does not mean that the game will be short, the developers have mentioned that there will be hundreds of objects, that you will need to check out and figure out if those clues will be useful in solving the case, or something else. The Trace will be hitting the iOS on March 26th, but don’t worry the Android version will arrive shortly afterwards.
Con esta potente aplicaciA?n que usted puede llevar un registro de todos los suministros de combustible.

El "Tiempo Real" es una A?til funciA?n que detecta en tiempo real la velocidad, la altitud y el consumo istanateni basado en el consumo promedio del mes pasado.
Por otra parte, el "Tiempo Real" trazar el camino que se puede revisar al visitar los trazos donde se puede ver todos los lugares de presentaciA?n de informes anteriores el tiempo, velocidad media y distancia recorrida. Por A?ltimo, el panel de configuraciA?n le permite administrar las unidades como kilA?metros o millas Litros o galones o galones imperiales y EE.UU.
Look closer and you’ll find hidden objects and clues concealed in corners which you’ll need to piece together to solve the mystery, with the help of your forensic lab technician partner, Alex. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Puede que aplicaciones maliciosas utilicen esto para determinar tu localización aproximada.
You will need to find out what happened, and hopefully find the killer, so you can bring them to justice. The Trace was written by David Varela, who is the same author behind Sherlock: The Network.

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