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Many a times after being surrounded with many tasks, we often ignore and forget the last place where we placed our mobile phones or if it was stolen then it becomes very tough to relocate our necessary device.
The situation gets more worrisome if you had forgotten to keep a backup of your phone contacts and data.Before you become dejected and start shopping for a new handset, you can still attempt a last try to locate your missing phone.
Manjeet Masih NOKIA 1200 Secuirty code forgot plz help Notes by Micro Lost Mobile Tracking System (LMTS) All Notes.
Later relocating the smart phone with a preliminary search doesn’t yield any positive result and sometimes we are left in speculative instances after suspecting some of your dear ones may result worse consequences. This is possible if your phone has a mobile tracking feature or comes equipped with GPS facility or both. Now no more tensions of losing your mobile phone as you can easily locate it using the unique identification IMEI of it following a simple method. IMEI (Internet Mobile Station Equipment Identity ) is a unique identification number which is assigned to every mobile during its construction and it is a must job of a mobile manufacturer to do that.Users of mobile phones can locate the IMEI number at the back side of mobile phones which is usually mentioned at inner shell below or above mobile phone battery.

The IMEI number is accompanied with other required details of the mobile which describe its construction and specifications in a nutshell palette. You can send a recovery message with phone number to that iPhone.Erase iPhone- Use this option if you are worried about the confidentiality of your phone data.
However, after selecting this option, you will not be able to track phone location.You can directly login to your iCloud account with your Apple ID via web browser, too. Also mention the IMEI number so that the police department can trace your mobile with IMEI number.
Step 2: Submit a photo copy of your FIR as well as your IMEI number to your service provider so that they can trace your mobile phone using IMEI number. Step 3: Request your network service provider to block and block your number so as to prevent it from misuse and get a new SIM with the same number or mobile with the same contact number it is CDMA. First of all, you need to update and follow up your Google account which has all the devices connected to your Google account and provides you a platform to manage them.

After signing in to the Google account, Click Account option which can be check in the drop-down menu after clicking your Google+ Profile Icon on the right side of the main toolbar or CLICK over here which will redirect you to the Google Account settings.
Be patient enough as this process may end up in a day or days while implementing all above mentioned steps would make you safe from the occurrence of unfortunate consequences. Also If you know something more important which is relevant to this article post then do share your views and queries with placing your comments below we would get back to you soon.

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