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This time It seem like Apple left the Retina standard for resolution of its devices and for the first time will use powerful 5.5-inch-wide Quad HD display with extra pixels produced by Japan Display Industries.
It will have an in-cell touch Quad HD panel with over 500ppi and precise expression of colors and contrast.
The newest surprise from Apple – iPhone 6s will be most probably launched this autumn!
As the iPhone 6s release date starts to narrow, so does the focus of smartphone shoppers around the world.
If you’re thinking about buying the iPhone 6 Plus, you should start thinking about waiting for the iPhone 6s Plus.
Last year, Apple sent out media invites on August 28th so we could find out the exact date next week. We expect Apple to outline the iPhone 6s Plus features in detail and we expect it to confirm a specific iPhone 6s Plus release date.
We don’t have a confirmed iPhone 6s release date but several rumors have pointed to an arrival on September 18th. You can expect the iPhone 6s Plus release date to take place on September 18th or September 25th ahead of the end of Apple’s fiscal year.
Even if it doesn’t play out like this, you can still expect the iPhone 6s Plus camera to offer upgrades. Apple, like all smartphone manufacturers, likes to offer performance enhancements that help separate successor from predecessor. This year, we’ve heard that the company will use a new A9 processor inside the iPhone 6s. If you’re looking for something more from your smartphone display, you might want to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We expect Force Touch to be on the iPhone 6s Plus and that means that we expect iPhone users to be able to use pressure-sensitive gestures to easily clear notifications or use shortcuts within certain applications.
The change is evidently a direct response to the Bendgate problems from last year and it means that the iPhone 6s Plus design should be stronger and maybe a little thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus. If Apple does change the design like we expect it to, this wouldn’t be the first time. Expect features like speaker placement, Lightning port, volume rocker, and headphone jack to remain the same.
We also expect Apple to release the iPhone 6s Plus on a wide range of smaller regional and pre-paid carriers in the United States. You can also expect the iPhone 6s Plus to get one more year of software support than the iPhone 6.
Shortly after the conclusion of the WWDC 2015 keynote, Apple released an iOS 9 beta for developers. Both phones are identical just the iphone 6s plus has better performance and camera quality. Designer Antonio De Rosa regularly churns out some fantastic concepts pertaining to numerous Apple products. At this point in time, we’ve no idea whether the next generation Apple smartphone will be a rudimentary upgrade from the current iPhone 5, or whether the Cupertino outfit plans to really go to town and overhaul its most prized of assets.
There’s been much talk, mostly unfounded, about what Apple does and does not have planned with the next-gen iPhone, but until we have something really concrete through which to channel our interests, we can only really look in admiration at some of the designs popping up.
De Rosa’s idea of the iPhone 6 is certainly one to be admired, with a beautiful large display nicely finishing off a design which still manages to retain cues from its would-be predecessor. As well as the display, the device also boasts gesture-based buttons along the bottom, and although this move would be very a la Android, it’s become clear during the past year that Apple is not as afraid as it once was when it comes to following market trends. With an Apple A7 processor and 18-megapixel camera, De Rosa hasn’t just completely focused on aesthetics, and although the battery implications have not been factored in, we would certainly be happy if Apple did unveil something like this with its next iPhone. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. There have been some already leaked pictures from a Chinese site about the features of the New Iphone 7 however we can’t confirm their authenticity, But from the looks of it they more or less match the same Rumors that already have been spreading around. It seems like Apple has started to follow the other brands by releasing bigger and bigger screens which wasn’t the Idea of Steve Jobs but since Apple is in new hands they have started to take drastic moves in their Designs which honestly isn’t such a bad thing at all! Also another Positive side of Iphone 7 is that it should also receive a brand new IOS system.

The price of the new Iphone should be in the range of $800-$850 Contract-free Depending on your location, we are not sure yet about the on-contract prices as it hasn’t been decided yet which operators will have the privilege to have it first, for the Iphone 6 they were in the range of $199-$299 Depending on memory size so should be similar to that.
The camera of the the current Iphone is already quite impressive however from our sources it’s supposed to be 14megapixel  or even 20MP camera that would certainly outperform some of the Nokia Lumia Models in picture quality. If you made the iPhone 7 the same size as the Samsung 5 that would be a great and just do away with a second size. I guess it’s time to start putting some money in piggybank I think the new iphone will be released in september? The latest rumors suggest an iPhone 6 release this fall with a larger screen and a Sapphire cover, but the actual design of the iPhone 6 is not known. This iPhone 6 concept from ADR Studio shows a familiar iPhone look, but with a tapered design that is similar to the style of a Macbook Air.
The design of this iPhone 6 concept imagines a iPhone that is thicker at the top with slightly redesigned controls on the side of the device. Acheter coque personnalisee apple iPhone 6 plus, samsung galaxy s6 edge, htc one m9 etui housse pas cher soldes! N'hesitez pas a nous contacter si vous avez des questions, nous vous repondrons quand nous revenir pour travailler a la premiere fois. Gisteren lieten wij al weten dat de release datum van de iPhone 6s al in de lente van 2015 zal zijn, vandaag komen er berichten naar buiten dat je de iPhone 7 kopen kunt vanaf september 2015. De iPhone 7 zal met een A9 processor uitgerust worden en ondanks dat de relatie tussen Apple en Samsung niet echt best te noemen is door de vele rechtszaken tussen deze twee bedrijven, zal Samsung de productie voor deze nieuwe processor voor zijn rekening nemen. Over het display van de iPhone 7 doen vele verhalen de ronde, zo zou de iPhone 7 een display krijgen met een formaat van 4,7-inch. Het design van de iPhone 7 zal natuurlijk weer strak zijn zoals we van Apple gewend zijn maar waarschijnlijk wel iets dikker dan de iPhone 6.
Het display zal van saffierglas gemaakt worden dit zou al het geval zijn met de iPhone 6 maar dit is niet doorgegaan wegens problemen bij de leverancier van het saffierglas. Er gaan zelfs geruchten dat Apple de iPhone 7 zou voorzien van een 3D-display maar of dit toekomst muziek is of echt werkelijkheid dat durven wij niet te zeggen. De prijs van de iPhone 7 zal zoals we nu overal lezen vanaf €699 zijn en dan net als met de huidige iPhone 6 prijzen telkens met €100 worden verhoogd naarmate je een model met meer opslagcapaciteit koopt.
Met onze vergelijkingsmodule op de website weet je zeker dat je nooit te veel zult betalen wanneer jij de iPhone 6 kopen wilt.
It’s a sign that retailers are starting to believe the iPhone 6s Plus rumors that have been swirling around for several months and counting. Smart bets should be placed on September 9th and we expect Apple to host a live stream so that those not in attendance will be able to tune into all of the action live. We would expect the United States to be among the first countries to get the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. You can expect the iPhone 6 Plus to be cheaper than the iPhone 6s Plus on release day and in the months and years ahead. Competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S6 boats excellent front-facing cameras for video chat and selfies.
DisplayMate just released a report that lavishes a ton of praise on Samsung and its display panel.
The feature might not be one of the device’s biggest selling points but we expect it to be one of the key differences between the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6s Plus will probably look a lot like the iPhone 6 Plus though it’s expected to have some important changes that you might not be able to see at first glance. Carriers like C Spire are always in the mix and we don’t expect them to hold back this year. Either way, we would expect there to be some software selling points on the iPhone 6s Plus. A few weeks after that, the company released a public iOS 9 beta for members of the public Beta Software Program. It also needs a nice case for gripping since the aluminum backing is very slippery with its rounded edges. Adding to his growing list of great designs comes an all-new iPhone 6 mockup, which looks simply stunning with its large, edge-to-edge display and touch-based home button, and it runs Apple’s iOS 7 beta.
If iOS 7 is indicative of the company’s movements in mobile space, one suspects the latter to be true, and as such, an iPhone 6 would seem the more probable outcome.

Or have you been looking forward to something inclusive of the as-rumored fingerprint sensor?
We only see one size of an iPhone 6, not the small, medium and large options we looked at last week, but this is still an interesting design. It is very likely that Apple is planning a new look for the device after sticking with the same design for the past two years. The iPhone traditionally is the same thickness throughout the device, and this design is a little out of the Apple norm, but it isn’t out of the question. Several Android devices tried to kick start 3D cameras in the last several years with little success.
This brings some of the features of the Today screen in the iOS 7 notification center to the lock screen so users can see their schedule at a glance.
Look for iOS 8 news this summer, followed by a new iPhone for 2014 in the second half of the year based on Apple’s track record and leaks.
De iPhone 7 zal dus weer een snellere en wellicht een energie zuinigere processor krijgen en wat we verder mogen verwachten van deze nieuwe iPhone blijft gissen. Mogelijk heeft dit te maken met de camera welke nu uitsteekt bij de iPhone 6 en dit is toch niet bij alle iPhone-fans goed ontvangen.
De iPhone 6s en de iPhone 7 zullen alsnog worden uitgerust met een display van saffierglas.
The other, a larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus that serves as a direct competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note and a sold alternative for the smaller model. Even if the company gets rid of it, we expect to see iPhone 6 Plus deals emerge at retailers across the country as they offload their stock.
And with iOS 9 set to deliver a new selfie folder in Photos, now is a perfect time for Apple to focus on upgrading the FaceTime camera. The A9 is expected to deliver numerous enhancements that help it to deliver superior performance. Force Touch is used on the MacBook and Apple Watch but the pressure-sensitive technology isn’t available on the iPhone. The power button is offset, but closer to the middle, possibly to make one-handed use easier.
It is very likely that Apple will include a new Apple A8 processor that can enable new features for iOS 8 and for the camera and LTE is a given. What you see here is never going to end us as an apple product, so why bother writing an article like this was somehow meaningful information?
Zeker in deze decembermaand zo net voor de kerst zijn er veel consumenten die nog een iPhone 6 kopen. It also comes with some things (1080p display, monster battery Optical Image Stabilization) that the iPhone 6 doesn’t have.
This change could help it deliver better looking games, better looking apps, and even help the rear camera shoot 4K video.
There is no mention of the resolution on this concept, but most rumors suggest Apple will increase the iPhone 6 display resolution to at least 1280 x 720 on a 4.7-inch model. It is possible that Apple will also increase the quality of the display using a new Quantum Dot technology. He has also written for Wired, Playboy, Boing Boing, Popular Mechanics, VentureBeat, and Gizmodo. 2014 will be the completion of it and suddenly everyone gets it.itpromikeMaybe in iOS 8 we’ll get more than more rows of icons?
Or a pencil on notes?If there’s gonna be changing of the icons, it will be the colors.
Hit perhaps 12 tops if that much and then focus in light sensor, flash etc.iOS 8 will likely look just like iOS 7 but with new tweaks and tricks. Hopefully some of the old tricks will even come back like how you used to be able to create contact groups (now let’s be able to add contacts to them, switch cards between non exchange services and use the groups in email etc for addressing)As for the notion of a 6 and 6c.

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