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Amazon has been awarded the best customer service in the UK by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), beating last year's winners John Lewis.
The ICS assembles the list by asking over 10,000 Brits to assess the experience of customer service at organisations they have used in the previous three months. All the latest on Food, Fashion & Beauty, Money, Health, Travel, Homes & Gardens and Books.
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John Lewis stands today as one of the most respected and admired companies in the world when it comes to customer service, integrity and vision.
Born in 1855, John Spedan Lewis was one of the eldest of two sons whose father opened the John Lewis department store in Oxford Street, London. With the happiness of his employees firmly at the centre of his mind, he began to instigate new systems and practises. Following his father’s death in 1928, Spedan gained sole ownership and a co-operation between the John Lewis and Peter Jones stores. Up until present day, the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) has excelled at creating a working environment where principles set out by their charter are not just promoted and encouraged, but have become embedded and embraced values amongst all  staff. The John Lewis Partnership aims to offer every customer the best possible experience, so they help their Partners gain the skills and knowledge they need to perform to the best of their ability.
JLP focus on recruiting and retaining staff who will become career-long net-promoters of the company and brand.
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In a ranking compiled by the Institute of Customer Service online bank First Direct scored 87 for overall level of customer satisfaction and overtook big brands such as Amazon and John Lewis.
Sadly though overall customer satisfaction score in the UK was 76.2 which was not much of a change since January. LoveFilm gained the most improved company and climbed into fourth place, and Volvo and TBS showed impressive growth and reached the top 50 for the first time. Call us today on 01582 714287 for a bespoke quote for your training or get in contact using our Contact Form HERE. About usWith over twenty courses presented by a dedicated team of expert trainers, our world class customer service training has been developed to help you deliver outstanding levels of customer service.
For any KitGuru readers joining us from outside the UK, let’s just say that John Lewis is one of the best loved and most successful chain of department stores this country has to offer.
John Lewis customer services did not argue, they apologised and replaced the entire system. In terms of customer service John Lewis is second to none and, during the depths of the global recession, it was one of the only companies in Europe to show a huge increase in the sale of computers and electronics. The disk-killing XBox 360 we reported on yesterday was today returned to John Lewis for a refund. Immaculately tailored, the experienced customer services department said that faults like disk scratching seemed to come in waves. As well as asking Microsoft for an official position on this situation, we have also made contact with all of the main XBox publications to see how common place this is.
Specifically, we’ve asked Harmonix PR guru John Drake for an opinion on who should pick up and resolve any disk issues. Sadly, if the issue is real and is related to vibrations from bouncing Kinect users, then it could take several months to spot any trend. My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I orginally purchase the machine planning as for my family entertainment unit as it have games across the board age range and gender. So have to refund it, as in long term, the cost of replace game disc would be higher, plus i dislike to buy the same game over and over again. Where in PC and PS3, that i own in my parent house, i only need to buy the game once and forget about it without worry it will be damage while playing on it.
In a survey of 9,500 UK customers Topshop was rated in bottom five British storesA  TOP FIVE UK STORES A  1. In the list of 100 stores BHS came 96th with customers describing it as outdatedHowever, it wasn't all good news for the cosmetics retailer which got a lower score on pricing, with one shopper saying it is 'ideal for gifts, but high prices.'John Lewis also lost marks for its high prices with customers noting that although products are 'great quality', they 'can be expensive'.In an editorial to accompany the new research, Which?

John Lewis came in second missing out on the top spot because of its higher pricesA  TOP FIFTY UK STORESA  1. Electronic boards from DGT - the full range of e-Boards from DGT using bluetooth, USB and Serial connection. We know the UK is free delivery - but how much are the charges for deliveries outside the UK - or worldwide? In fact, John Lewis has dropped out of the top five to sixth place, with Utility Warehouse, First Direct, Specsavers and Waitrose all coming in ahead of the renowned Britsh retailer, which has held a spot in the top three for the past seven years.
The respondents provide feedback on factors such as professionalism, quality, efficiency, ease of doing business, timeliness, problem solving and their ability when handling complaints. Nearly 150 years after John Lewis opened his small drapers shop in Oxford Street, the company is not just surviving… but thriving! By the age of 21, not only had he acquired a quarter shareholding in the department store, but he was also well on his way to becoming Director of Peter Jones, the other shop in his father’s control.
With the intent on bettering the working conditions and spirit of the company, he offered shortened working days, the setting up of a staff committee, a third week’s paid holiday (an innovation for the retail trade at this time) and eventually a house magazine, The Gazette, which is still published today. He acted quickly to create the first constitution and the following year, the John Lewis Partnership. This said, the notion of becoming a mutual to improve customer service standards is highly unlikely in today's business world. They recognise customer service skills are essential because only through delivering excellent customer service can they maintain their position as a leading retailer.
Organisations that ignore consumers will find it difficult to compete with those that already have a long-term culture of customer service. Revenues for 2010 were around ?7.5 Billion (around $12Bn) and it employs over 70,000 people. We’d asked the customer in question to try and find out what the situation was with Microsoft disk-related faults. Right now, they had only received minor reports of Kinect-enabled units going down, but the special kits had only just gone on sale. Specifically, ask them what the returns policy is on scratched disks IF the disk is scratched by the XBox 360 during normal play. We have over 100 different Chess Sets, Chess Boards and Chess Pieces - supplemented by Chess Computers, Chess Software and Chess Clocks too. Often referred to as plain or unpainted - the finish is the generally preferred finish showing more detail in the pieces than hand decorated.
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Jaguar rose 110 places to take 34th place, and mobile phone network GiffGaff improved by 84 places to take the 27th spot on the list. Most importantly, John Lewis has stood by its vision of ensuring those who work for it are kept not just happy employees but partners responsible for its future success. Our John Lewis Experience report explores what the John Lewis Partnership does internally to deliver such fantastic outward service. However, speaking with an experienced customer service-oriented company like UK retail giant John Lewis can reveal much more.
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KitGuru brings you the latest on the Microsoft XBox 360 disk chewing reports from the Kinect community. SCREWFIX BOTTOM FIVE UK STORES 96. EE Although WHSmith has scored poorly in the past, Topshop and BHS have tumbled down the list, with the former dropping 20 places from its position on the 2014 list. THE ENTERTAINERA  BOTTOM FIFTY UK STORES A  51.

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