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Here is still another reason why a useful homeowners directory can be a huge benefit to residents.This morning at about 9, I passed by a townhouse in the rain and noted that there was a package sitting out by the door.
The actual solution is for the homeowners directory to be brought back to its former glory. We are visiting my brother-in-law at BallenIsle, a community in Palm Beach Gardens,which has about twice as many homes as our community, and their maintenance fees are approximately what ours are (although they include cable TV). Despite the fact that no a word was uttered, as far as I could discern, about the updating of the directory in the board excerpts or the Director Cuts email, it appears that it is about to happen. And if you scroll up in this thread, you will see that it has been a topic of conversation on the blog since July 9th, 2012!There is an apparent problem, however. Upon receiving the email from the concierge I immediately emailed the three resident board members regarding the snowbird issue that Steve referred to above.

This thread dealing with the community directories has become too long to load properly on many devices. I would like to ask if any other residents at Building #27 (or any neighboring buildings) know who lives in that home, the end home on the south side of the building, would you please try to contact them and let them know there is a package sitting out there.
Their average home price is also similar to ours.So I asked to see their Homeowners Directory to compare it with what we have seen recently. The deadline for submitting corrections for the directory which will appear in March is February 25th, about two weeks from now. Consequently, it is now being closed to new posts but will remain open for reading and research.
If you already know the last name of the occupant, you can look them up in the paper homeowners directory and may or may not find them listed, but if you do not know the name, don't waste your time looking.

The difference is astonishing.According to my sister-in-law, she uses it all the time and is extremely pleased with its accuracy and completeness. All future posts on the subject should be placed in the sequel which will be called: "Telephone Numbers & Addresses - OUR Directory!! If we had the homeowners directories of the past, I, or any other resident, could easily look up the homeowner's name, email address, and phone number and notify him or her that there was a package sitting outside the door in the rain.

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