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Phil is frustrated with so much phone choiceLast month Phil and the rest of the Phonefinder team assisted over 150 000 South African’s compare over 8 000 unique cell phone contracts. AG Mobile is a local, home grown success story which features a guy by the name of Anthony Goodman, a clear vision and a determination to supply South Africans with quality mobile products. Just a little fun :) Try and find Phil Phil is lost is a mess of old cell phones, he must have been looking for the perfect cell phone deal and got lost in the past!
The Japanese conglomerate have come a very long way since the early 80’s when everyone rocked a retro "Walkman”. Last week the Samsung Galaxy S7 launched in South Africa and Phonefinder couldn’t wait to have the deals listed on the site.
The bar to smart smartphones has just been raised thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S7 which launched today (11 March 2016).
Cape Town – MTN and Telkom have emerged as popular networks for South Africans looking to save cash on phone contracts, according to local comparison website Phonefinder.
Just when you though BlackBerry was dead and obsolete, they managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. If you own a dog then you will understand the importance of finding a dog friendly place to grab a bit after playing in the park.
Hands down the most popular phone of choice on Phonefinder in 2015 was the Huawei Ascend P8 Lite, this powerful budget smartphone was leagues ahead of the competition, and now the new Huawei Mate 8 is set to take over in popularity. December holidays are around the corner, so make sure that you have packed your sunscreen, that your swimming cozzies are in style and that your phone has tons of free memory for all the great pictured you’re going to be taking! Phonefinder is all about comparing cell phone deals, and when do you need a deal more than in December?

Phil will chase the Network for you and ensure you get that callPhonefinder is all about showing off the latest cell phone contract deals, be they from MTN, Cell C, Vodacom or Telkom. It may be slightly late to only start thinking about getting trim for summer now, but when it comes to your health it is never late! This is the next generation broadband technology LTE-Advanced is the next stage of Cell C Available 1 May 2016. That is a lot of deals, and a lot of comparing.With that volume of queries Phonefinder is able to piece together just what cell phones South African’s want.
Phil is the mascot behind South Africa’s top performing cell phone contract comparison website, Phonefinder.
AG Mobile has been supplying South Africa with quality affordable products for over a decade. With no less than 10,000 different cell phone contract and add-on bundles on offer between Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom, determining which contract is perfect for you requires a great deal of time and effort.
The rabbit they pulled out of the hat is in the shape of a little green robot, commonly known as Android. The wireless charger has been with us for some time and it has now been perfected to such an extent that Google is even experimenting with wireless car charges. After all, spending time with your dog can be exhausting and there is nothing worse than being turned away from a restaurant because they don't accept dogs.
In this article we will explain why and why Xiaomi’s launch in South Africa is pretty exciting, and why you may want to consider one of their smartphone contract deals this year.The Core Group (the group responsible for bringing Apple into South Africa) brought Xiaomi to South Africa in November 2015. In this article we will take a look at the most popular phones and cell phone contracts being chosen this month.

Every week Phil will scour the internet and hand-pick his top recommend cell phone accessories.From covers to chargers, Phil will make sure that you find the internet’s cheapest and most handy cell phone accessories.
In order to help kick start your summer self Phonefinder has compiled 3 apps which, if used with a healthy diet of course, will help you stay focused on the end goal which is getting trim and healthy.
We all have received a blank call once or even more than that, whether it was a landline or a mobile phone we could hardly get to know about the fake caller. From the most popular deals this month on Phonefinder, to the apps that are most hungry for your data to some useful tips to make sure that your data lasts the whole month. Cell C will help you buy yourself out of your contract and will move you onto an Epic or Pinnacle contract deal. That’s right, BlackBerry have started using the Android Operating system in their latest smart phone, the BlackBerry Priv. The future is here, and it is great! Place your phone or tablet on a charging mat and watch it charge the battery. It employs around 140,000 employees and over 46% of those employees are focused on nothing else except research and development.

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