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The word bad credit is enough to give people nightmares especially those seeking to apply for mortgage loans, mobile phone contracts or credit cards. At Brandy Phones, we realize that scores of people with bad credit have been locked out and denied the right to enjoy the same benefits as those with a good credit history.
It doesna€™t matter whether you have a low credit score, has a history of defaults or if you have been rejected by numerous other providers. Brandy Phones is committed towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers with a poor credit rating. Brandy Phones is all about giving you an experience and a bad credit mobile phone contract you cana€™t get anywhere else. At Brandy Phones, you need not have sleepless nights of whether you will be approved or not when you make an application. Citizens Advice found that customers could not end their contract earlier without paying an exit fee if it fell short of its promises as many agreements failed to specify a reasonable minimum service customers could expect.It said that some customers who paid for contracts that included 3G or 4G but did not receive these were still told they could not exit them unless they paid up the whole remainder of the contract, sometimes up to A?800. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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Mobile phone providers could be forced to come clean about the poor signal they provide many areas of Britain after a new tool was created to show the true extent of signal blackspots.
From time immemorial, credit checks have become a routine procedure not only in the UK but also other parts of the world when it comes to application of mobile phone contracts. We are perfectly aware of the fact that many providers use credit checks to deny people with bad credit an opportunity to be approved for mobile phone contracts. At Brandy Phones, we value you as a person and believe that you should be treated equally as those deemed to have a good credit history.

We understand that these are hard times and therefore have taken it upon ourselves to offer our customers with nothing short of the best deals. We assure you that your credit score doesna€™t play a role in our assessment before we approve your application. If you sign up with Virgin, Asda, Life Mobile or The Peoplea€™s Operator, you will be using EEa€™s network.Tesco uses O2 while Talk-mobile uses Vodafone. Vodafone had claimed shea€™d made a six-hour call and charged her A?105, even though she was sure she had never been on the phone that long.
Scores of people have been on the receiving end and have had to grapple with being declined for mobile phone contracts every now and then.
In light of the above, we have made it our core objective to put a smile on the faces of people with bad credit. That is why we offer bad credit mobile phone contracts to people with bad credit without having to subject them to the rigorous process of having to check their credit scores. We believe that the fact that most of our customers have bad credit shouldna€™t be a reason for them being declined.
You simply need to approach us today, tell us what your needs are and we shall match you with a deal that suits you. ID Mobile, which is owned by Carphone Warehouse, uses Threea€™s network.Some are not as independent as they sound. Some firms will deal with you on the phone, but others operate only by internet, meaning you may have to wait a day or so for any response if you have a problem.Another thing to watch is whether you are getting 3G or 4G coverage. In that wavelength, we are continually committed to giving our customers across the UK and an opportunity to be approved for bad credit mobile phone contracts their credit status notwithstanding. As a result, our bad credit mobile phone contracts are not only affordable but also designed to meet the different needs of our customers.

Talkmobile is owned by Vodafone, while Giffgaff is owned by Telefonica, the parent company of O2. Do you find yourself always have to deal with disappointments and humiliation when applying for a mobile phone contract? In our attempt to offer nothing but the best deals and packages, we have liaised with leading partners in the mobile industry to ensure that our customers get nothing short of the best mobile phone contracts. Our approval process takes between 24 and 48 hours and you can go home in the knowledge that your application will be approved. Keep a copy of your letter.A If your complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, you could complain to the Telecommunications Ombudsman, if the company is a member. If thata€™s the case, your pain has come to an end because Brandy Phones offers affordable bad credit mobile phones to people with a poor credit rating all over the UK. Research has shown that two in five people have blackspots in their homes, with the kitchen a particularly problematic area. The Telegraph understands there is a possibility that users suffering poor signal could cite inconsistencies exposed by the map to gain a free exit from their contracts. It shows the land topographically, as hills, valleys and large buildings are the main obstructions to receiving a good signal. Smartphones needed an even higher level of signal than normal phones to support normal use, the research showed. Many cannot move to a rival firm because they are locked into two-year contracts that cost A?35 a month or more.

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