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Now you can get more minutes, more data and unlimited texts if you already have your own mobile phone. Pay as you go phones are best for those who do not like the idea of getting into a long term contract. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is just over a month old and while some shoppers may be tempted to wait for the Galaxy Note 4 this fall, there is little reason to pass over a Galaxy S5 deal that can drop the price as low as $50 this soon after the release.
These smartphone deals all require a contract, and some of them require trading in an old smartphone. If you want the best iPhone 5s deal, skip Best Buy and head to Verizon where you can get the iPhone 5s for $99 with no trade in needed. If you prefer to buy online you can get a $50 gift card by email after buying the Galaxy S5 for $199 on Sprint and AT&T or $149 on Verizon. Once again Verizon is the place to look as the carrier offers the Galaxy S5 for $99 with no need to trade in with a $100 discount and a $50 mail in rebate. For some users, these deals may be the best bet at buying a cheap phone on contract. Macquarie Research predicts that when it comes time to buy an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy Note 4 nearly half of shoppers will choose to buy a phone with financing instead of subsidized on a contract. Ben Schachter tells Business Insider that these may look like a good deal, but on average users pay $74 more per year because of the higher price of a phone. All of these deals are tempting, especially for iPhone 5 owners that are thinking of jumping to the Galaxy S5 for a larger screen.
Well, I am not interested in these deals as I am eagerly waiting for the release of iphone 6 that are rumored to be launched around September with large sapphire display, curved edges and compatible with wireless charging pad. Mobile phone deals and special offers at Carphone Warehouse is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution.
It is also ideal for those who already have a contract sim and would simply like a brand new handset.

In order to keep sales moving, Best Buy offers up a Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s deal that can cut the price down to $0 with a trade-in. In previous years Apple kept the iPhone price in check, which meant most retailers did not offer deals every month, but iPhone 5s deals are easy to find, which will help users avoid paying $200 as long as they are willing to sign a two-year contract. Trade-in prices aren’t always as good as selling on eBay or trading to another store and getting cash to use on a new iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5, but the simplicity of a one-stop trade-in as well as the ability to get a good value for an older device make these worth checking out. Best Buy lists the iPhone 5s deal as running through May 22nd, but Cnet reports it will run through the end of the month. It is worth checking the price at Best Buy as well as online at a service like NextWorth or Gazelle because some phones are worth more than the listed amount. If you go into a Best Buy store with any working smartphone you can buy the Galaxy S5 for $99 on a two-year contract. There is also a gift card for buying an off contract model like the Virgin Mobile Galaxy S5 or Boost Mobile Galaxy S5. Amazon also sells the Verizon Galaxy S5 for $99 on contract, the AT&T model for $168 on contract and the Sprint Galaxy S5 for $99 on contract. T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all offer plans like this that allow users to buy the iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5 with $0 down. Before you get too concerned, it is worth noting that the device payment used in this calculation is higher than we see at most carriers.
Over the last week iPhone 6 rumors continue to firm up, especially on the topic of iPhone 6 screen sizes. If you can’t decide if now is the time to buy, check out our advice on whether you should buy the iPhone 5s or wait for the iPhone 6.
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Available now is the Apple iPhone 4S in White, with unlimited data on the infamous The One Plan. Obviously some shoppers may be better off waiting, but for those who can’t wait for a new iPhone or the Galaxy Note 4, this is a deal that is tough to pass up. This deal is only good on Sprint and Verizon iPhone 5s devices, and is not helpful to switchers. It is possible that the Verizon Galaxy S5 drops to $50 with this deal, but you’ll need to ask as the fine print is confusing to say the least. The reason it is worth mentioning is some iPhone 6 rumors suggest Apple plans a price hike later this year. For users that want a bigger screen, it looks very much like the iPhone 6 will arrive with a 4.7-inch option in September. And Apple will space their launches out to where it will be past the return point for early adopters of the 4.7. Here you can find some new design about Mobile phone deals and special offers at Carphone Warehouse for your current screen resolution.
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