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Here are some of the best games smart phones can offer and gamers (myself included) can appreciate. Yet despite all the possibilities technology avails to us most are content in utilizing only the most meager aspects of Androids, iPhones, and Blackberrys’ alike. The game follows the setup of traditional old school RPGs, with four characters of different classes. The combat is more or less a hack-and-slash fest comparatively with its platform counterparts. This is another RPG that I had come across while trying to quench my gaming-on-the-go fixation. One of the latest games created by the geniuses at Gamevil, Illusia is a great option to RPG fans. I hope these suggestions will help satiate your gaming urges when your away from home, on the go, or just want to get down on some good old fashioned hand held fun. As an avid gamer and passionate writer, Taylor created Gaming Precision to share her infatuation with others while providing video game insight from a female perspective. They store pictures, videos, games and music on Most of the sites and online content is free.
Of course, another differentiating factor is that the highest price you will pay for a game on iTunes App Store is $9.99. Having played games on PDA’s since the HP200LX nearly 20 years ago, a couple of other thoughts come to mind.
The other thing that is wonderful in terms of iPhone gaming is the ease of patching: once you have synchronized a device with iTunes, app updates will automatically be tracked so you can grab the new versions at your convenience. I will list the price at the time of publication, but as always you should check for the most recent price on the App Store.
I have loved technology for as long as I can remember - and have been a computer gamer since the PDP-10! NAP Mobile, Nokia's end-to end solution for connected mobile gaming in Java technology, has today announced its latest Software Development Kit (SDK 2.0).
Games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider are also feature films, while the name “Madden” is at least as synonymous with the EA Sports franchise as it is with the Hall of Fame football coach and announcer. More recently, iPhone games like Flight Control and Doodle Jump have reached elevated levels of popularity. Finnish developer Rovio is looking to do just that with its chart-topping game Angry Birds. For the uninitiated, Angry Birds is a simple game that challenges players to catapult birds with various abilities at structures containing egg-stealing pigs. The numbers behind Angry Birds suggest that it may already have become a pop culture phenomenon regardless of whether it breaks into other media platforms.
Mikael Hed, who became CEO of Rovio last year, recently told Variety that creating and building a brand name is more important than making a number of different games.

Angry Birds was recently released for the Palm Pre, as well as smartphones that operate on Google’s Android mobile software.
Like any great storyteller, however, Rovio knows how to get their followers to constantly come back for more. These updates generate continued good-will from consumers, and Angry Birds is among the top-rated apps in the iTunes App Store with hundreds of thousands of five-star ratings. Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories is the sequel to to Gamevil’s action-adventure role playing game Zenonia.
Zenonia 2 offers customizing options in which numerous equipment types can be outfitted to the character for stat upgrades and more power.
In this medium however one could call it a hack-and-tap (laughter) due to the constant on-screen thumb tapping you will experience.
Meaning, once you enter a location on the map, it has a set number of rooms which once you complete, will return you to the main map. The graphics are cute and whimsical somewhat reminiscent of the popular Korean MMORPG Maple Story. Richardson, TX 75082 Plano, TX 75074 Toll Free and receive short text messages to and from other mobile phones. After several years of market deployment and continuous technology development based on developer feedback, the SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0 has evolved to make game development even more intuitive with a simpler API, faster emulation and testing tools. Yet no game created for Apple’s iOS mobile platform can indisputably be labeled a pop culture icon. The company hopes to bring the game to television, comic books, toy stores and even the big screen. The catapult-style game is by no means new to gaming (Crush the Castle, for one, is basically the same game), but never before has a game in this genre – or any iOS game for that matter – been this successful. The full 99-cent version of the game has been downloaded more than 6.5 million times, while the free lite edition recently surpassed 11 million iPhone installations. 2009, Angry Birds has spent most of this year at or near the top of the iTunes top paid games list. Before Apple opened up the iTunes App Store in 2008, Rovio had already developed dozens of games for mobile devices including the 2006 release Need For Speed: Carbon.
The only other Rovio-developed iPhone title is the 2008 puzzle game Totomi, a relatively modest hit. Rovio also plans to bring Angry Birds to other gaming systems such as the PlayStation and X-Box.
The company regularly introduces new chapters to the Angry Birds story, which in turn inspire users who already own the game to update the app so they can tap into additional levels. Time will tell if the game’s iPhone dominance will play well on the larger screen or in a toy store near you. Just an oddly shaped piece of plastic and hardware with an antenna protruding from the top.

Gamevil has a trilogy in mind with their award winning series as Zenonia 3 has just recently (June) appeared in the iPhone Appstore. The items that are equipped change the appearance of the character in game, a nice little detail. The developers at Com2uS utilize side scrolling elements and set boundary environments to promote a refreshing feel to the genre. For gamers who have played Zenonia, they will recognize similar menu screens and game features just polished and more user friendly. The SDK is free of charge and available through Forum Nokia, the largest mobile development community worldwide with 3.4 million registered members. The game’s latest run at number one ended only after Electronic Arts put Tetris on sale for 99 cents for a weekend. How well Angry Birds performs on gaming platforms outside of the iPhone - where touch screen controls and cartoon-style graphics generate broad appeal - could determine whether or not if flies in other media channels.
An upcoming update, titled Mighty Eagle, will include an “in-app” purchase opportunity that will allow consumers to pay for the right to skip certain levels. I’m only 20 years old so I can only imagine the equipment my parents had at their disposal.
Bright colors and well detailed animation set Caligo Chaser apart from other smart phone RPGs.This game allows for quest completion as well as opportunities to battle and level up your character. Additionally, the SDK strives to make it easier for developers to program because it requires fewer API calls to the server, especially in terms of error handling, and has reduced compliance testing from approximately two hours to one hour. Technology has certainly advanced drastically in the last few years and cell phones have maintained their place at the forefront of this trend.
Zenonia 2 even features a new game plus option which allows you to continue playing with your current character after you beat the game. The spells are a great complement to the 2D side scrolling battle system and the game’s humorous dialogue and keeps me wanting to play more. With a combined operator network and handset compatibility test, developers can test their game in relation to specific local requirements. They represent an invisible link to the world around them, a constant connection to friends and family, media and news.
I’ve only just started my adventure into Illusia and the only critique I can derive so far is the nonsensical nature of the map. Zenonia 2 is definitely a game you should check out and you can get your hands on this RPG adventure for $0.99 on the iPhone and Android.
For example, it can simulate error conditions so that we can check that our games will respond appropriately when an error occurs.

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