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Telstra have released an aggressive range of new NextG Cap plans after making a splash with plans tailored specifically for the iPad in the last week. The refreshed range of Telstra NextG plans come into effect today and replace the company’s existing range of Consumer Post-paid Cap and Ultimate Plans.
In addition to revising their consumer cap plans, Telstra has unveiled the replacement for their Ultimate plans. Telstra’s plans pricing is significantly better value than previously, with the telco giving rivals Vodafone and Three (who have traditionally been very good value) runs for their money.
Just a thought: could you imagine the buzz that would be created if Telstra created a very well priced all-you-can-eat mobile data plan? Apart from the pricing when compared to its competitors, have you been happy with the standard of Telstra’s customer service and generally the coverage it provides, since you bought your phone.

I’m still about 2 months and 1200km from the nearest Telstra shop and would value your opinion before I buy one. I would have to say that in terms of coverage, I’ve found NextG is pretty good in regional Qld in comparison to every other alternative. Customer service is pretty bad sometimes though – the phone queues can be horrific during peak times. But has also moved what was previously an additional monthly charge for downloads into the cap structure, with the $49 cap including 200mb of data, up to 1Gb of included data on the $129 plan.
Rival Optus is better value on paper when not including downloads, however this advantage is negated when bundling in monthly data subscription fees on top of their range of mobile cap plans.
With 3 and Virgin Mobile coming aboard the iPhone 3G bandwagon, it’d be foolish of them to do otherwise.

Although not the most generous, it is a major improvement from their previous offerings; I was paying AU$59 for a paltry 200MB!
Just got off the phone with Telstra and changed to the new AU$29 plan which gives me 300MB – so basically paying half price and get an extra 100MB.

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