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Operator Maxis wants to change the way people look at Postpaid especially where there’s a stigma that the operators are all out to get you.
Effective 18 February, existing Unlimited Data Plan subscribers will be limited to 10GB per month. The multiple SIM feature appealing if you have a postpaid line with a huge internet quota and would like to connect your other various SIM based devices on occasional use.
The Bites offer is applicable to all Maxis Postpaid customers and all 3 comes bundled with 50MB data for internet surfing. Comparing the new rates with the previous one, the 500MB and 3GB plans are reduced by RM20. Maxis still charges excess fee if you exceed your monthly quota but the rates are now cheaper at 30sen per MB.
Today Maxis has introduced its new Value Plus Internet which comes bundled with voice calls, SMS and data.
For Value Plus Internet 50, you’ll get 250MB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 100 minutes of SMS for a monthly commitment of RM50. For those that need more, there’s Value Plus Internet 80 which comes with 500MB data, 300 minutes of calls and 300 SMS. Overall, these are great options for those looking for an all in one plan with low data usage. U Mobile Sdn Bhd, the telco with the fastest mobile network in Malaysia, is making it even more affordable for customers to own the much sought-after iPhone 6s with its latest all-in-one postpaid plan called UPackage. UPackage consists of an interest free instalment plan as well as the competitive monthly rates for data and voice offered by the iPlan, all at one price. When customers subscribe to UPackage, they will be able to purchase the iPhone 6s at a subsidised rate and payment will be made over a period of 24 months, completely interest free. Underlining U Mobile’s position as the bona fide leader at providing the best value to the market, UPackage comes out tops because at RM188, it works out to be the lowest all inclusive plan (iPhone 6s + rate plan) available in the market today.
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Telcos these days tend to boast on having the best 4G LTE coverage across the nation, which unfortunately in our Telco Challenge we have proven that is not the case, however when it comes to postpaid services, be it a voice or data centric one, we are beginning to see some serious competition in the industry as in the case of the Maxis OnePlan and U Mobile's Hero Postpaid Plan, which both offer unlimited free calls and lots of data quota, hence let's take a closer look at them on what they offer.
Both Maxis OnePlan 188 and U Mobile's Hero Postpaid have fairly attractive deals here, while Maxis is obviously the most pricey of all and offers 9GB of data, unlimited calls and text, and Free Spotify Premium in an auspicious RM188 (GST excluded) figure.
If you own multiple devices, for instance, a data enabled tablet, otherwise intend to share the benefits of your postpaid plan with your family, Maxis and U Mobile offers a supplementary plan for such purposes. Assuming that we apply the maximum allowed quantity of member lines from both services, Maxis once again is the most expensive and least value of the duo, which is due to the pricey commitment of the principal OnePlan 188 while the OnePlan Share isn't able to enjoy free Spotify subscription and any additional data allowance, hence your data quota can be easily used up if your supplementary users aren't careful enough. Data roaming is expensive and you would definitely want to try avoid using it while you are travelling abroad, but assuming if you are on a short one day trip in countries like Singapore, you might want to take advantage of Data Roaming instead of purchasing a local travelers SIM. In a fast paced world today, LTE devices have become very affordable these days and it is therefore important to consider a telco's network quality and coverage areas to ensure that you make the best out of  your smartphone investment. U Mobile is the obvious all round winner in this comparison, the telco's Hero Postpaid is a ground breaking postpaid plan that offers benefits that no other telcos would've dared to offer, this is definitely a way for the new and upcoming telco to entice users to its network.
Founder and Editor-in-chief of KLGadgetGuy, Warren believes that all tech products come with a value and purpose. U Mobile revealed its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plans on Friday, October 9th, shortly after Digi and Maxis showed off theirs. Besides the usual Easy Payment Plan that requires a credit card, U Mobile also has this U MicroCredit installment plan that does not require a deposit, collateral, or credit card.
While sales officially start at 12am on October 16th, all carriers including U Mobile will be doing a presale gathering (or queuing, rather). Reuben Thum's love for technology dates as far back as the Sega Master System era when people are still rocking out on an 8-bit "Dixie's Land" chiptune.
Share Mobile service provider GiffGaff is removing the “Unlimited Internet” component of two of its top monthly SIM-only plans, according to ISPreview. The site reports that from September 24, the allowance will be replaced by a capped quota of just a few gigabytes and a new traffic management change will drop some speeds to just 300Kbps (0.3Mbps).
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Meanwhile, if the word FREE is what you’re looking for, then you would not go wrong with the Maxis ONE plan, which offers free surfing time as well as unlimited calls and texts to all networks, all for RM128 per month. You get free call minutes and SMS too with DiGi’s plans with the amount depending on each plan. If the lowest device price is what you’re looking for, then check out Celcom’s plans which offer the iPhone 6 from just RM418 while the iPhone 6 Plus is going from RM768. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will hit stores nationwide on November 6, with official prices starting from RM2,399 and RM2,749 respectively. There’s no credits to top up and you would only need to pay at the end of your monthly bill cycle. Recently they made some drastic changes from the way they charge for calls and data as well as making internet usage overseas cheaper and worry free. One of their recent initiatives is to cap its Pay As You Go usage, eliminating excessive bill shocks for accidental usage.
Maxis has just sent out a notification that its legacy unlimited data plan introduced in 2007 will be capped as part of its Fair Usage Policy.
That’s quite a bargain if you have multiple 3G devices in the family and the additional SIMs also get to enjoy full 4G LTE speeds. Like most data plans, there’s no additional charge for excess usage but speeds will be throttled to slower download speeds. Obviously Big Bites is the best deal among the three, however is only for Postpaid subscribers with Mobile Internet plan or Internet based subscription only. Upon activation, it will be automatically renewed monthly and if you wish to unsubscribe, you would need to call their hotline at 123. Beginning 3rd December 2012, there will be no excess charges if you use beyond your monthly internet quota. Just recently, most Maxis subscribers with mobile internet plans were bumped with higher data quota for free. Most of the time, mobile internet is often sold as a separate add-on which is bolted on existing postpaid voice plans. 3 plans are being offered – Value Plus Internet 30 (Supplement), Value Plus Internet 50 and Value Plus Internet 80. We would be expecting Maxis to offer mobile bundling on these new Value Plus Internet plans sometime soon. Optus cap plans include plenty of mobile internet data and unlimited access in Australia to Facebook and other social networking sites.
UPackage customers may also choose to enjoy up to 10GB of data and unlimited calls by selecting the relevant iPlan to be bundled into their UPackage subscription.
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In contrast, U Mobile's Hero Postpaid is less complicated and gimmicky as it offers 7GB of data with unlimited calls to all networks, you won't get any free music streaming subscriptions or unlimited texts, however you are only required to pay RM70 (GST excluded), which is 62% lesser than Maxis yet being able to high data quota and unlimited calls.
Maxis has had a long history in the Malaysian mobile communications service sector, the telco is now one of the most preferred telcos due to its wide LTE coverage and it is also one of the very first to implement Cat 6 LTE, otherwise known as LTE Advanced, which offers 150Mbps of theoretical network speed.
In this round, Maxis gets the advantage as it has LTE covered in many parts of the country, and in some areas of the city, the telco is able to reach up to amazing speeds all thanks to LTE Advanced. While Maxis takes the crown in its wide coverage, its OnePlan is way too pricey for the benefits you are getting out of it, while the company can continue to boast on its coverage, we believe it won't be too long that U Mobile expands its network coverage rapidly this year with its increasing number of subscribers and a recent raise in stake by the Sultan of Johor.
His goal in helping tech companies further reach out their customers is the reason why KLGadgetGuy is on planet Earth. Not only does our team have the passion for written information, we also bring about engaging visuals via video production in our YouTube channel. U Mobile seems to only have 24-month contracts for the two iPhones, however it not only has postpaid, but prepaid bundles as well. U Mobile also accepts trade-ins of past flagship devices from Apple, HTC, Samsung, and Sony.
Both postpaid and prepaid plans have almost identical monthly fees, data, minutes, SMS, rebates, and even the subsidized iPhone prices, except that the prepaid plans naturally have validity periods.
All plans require an upfront payment, unless if you’re paying by credit card and subscribe to the monthly fee auto debit. His gig as a bartender later did not douse his interest for tech one bit, as he then dedicated a few years of his life assisting users to achieve the same love, deep in the bowels of the tech support world.

For those seeking for the most affordable monthly plan, the iValue Simple should be the one you’re looking for with a monthly fee of RM50 that offers 1GB of mobile data together with free call minutes and SMS.
The three major plans from Celcom are Celcom First Prime, Celcom First Premier and Celcom First Elite, with monthly fees from a low of RM78 to a high of RM238. However that also opens up a possibility of bill shocks for something which you thought you never use. To get started, you’ll need to be on a postpaid plan of at least 2GB such as SurfMore 50.
Currently subscribers are charged at a Pay As You Go rate of 30 sen per MB once you have hit your limit. Some of the telco players have noticed the importance of data and had introduced single postpaid plans that comes with bundled data in the monthly commitment fees.
While the bundled data option doesn’t seem a lot for heavy users, they are offering mobile data quota upgrades from hourly to weekly packages.
For those that require more data monthly, the standard Value Plus + Mobile Internet add-on would be a better option in the long run.
Instead, they have introduced a total of 5 packages which ranges from hourly to monthly package to suit different needs.
U Mobile on the other hand isn't too shabby either, despite of somewhat limited LTE coverage even in city areas, the network at times demonstrates short ping responses, which results in faster load speeds despite not having the fastest overall speed, while I do have to admit that U Mobile's service does tend to get very frustrating when you are presented with a weak HSPA+ signal or EDGE network.
Maxis, your coverage boasting game isn't going to work in the long term, just be a hero like you once were, can you? Besides financing of devices between RM1,000 to RM3,500, a repayment tenure from 12, 24, 30, or up to 36 months, Flexi U MicroCredit also lets you select a lower financing amount than the device price, and pay the remaining balance with cash or credit card.
If you’re trading in an eligible iPhone, you’ll also get an additional RM100 rebate, on top of the phone’s trade-in price. During this promotional period, U Mobile is also bumping up the data quotas for i60, i90, and i130.
Currently, he just feels weirded out writing about himself from a third person's perspective.
Besides that, DiGi also offers the option of purchasing the iPhones with easy payment plans (EPP). All the contracts are available for 12-months and 24-months period so the options available are wide-ranging.
The plan got discontinued in 2009 but existing users were still able to keep the plan along with its bottomless benefits.
This would be a good relief for those wanting to avoid bill shocks but obviously your downloads will be throttled down to lower speeds.
This makes it affordable especially for those that need a postpaid plan with data and doesn’t really make much calls or SMS.
For supplementary Value Plus Internet 30, you’ll get the same perks as Value Plus Internet 50 but with less Talk and Text minutes. They also have plans to shift to the U900 spectrum, which will improve 3G mobile coverage in major metropolitan areas.
You may watch our Telco Challenge series videos to find out our comparison on other Malaysian telcos as well. This is the first time U Mobile is getting the new iPhone together with the other big three telcos; previously it only managed to secure the iPhone 6 a few months later. As always, make sure to back up and factory-reset the device, but U Mobile is also partnering with Blancco Mobile Software to do another secure data erasure after the trade-in, which is non-recoverable. But wait, there’s more — i90 and i130 have their voice minutes (to all networks) bumped up from 90 and 130 minutes to “unlimited calls”. To regain your speed, you can top up additional data quota by dialing *100*7*1# (daily) or *136*9# (monthly). However, they are bundling Free 900 minutes and 1500 SMS within your connected family lines.

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