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Mobile phone shops have been told to replace their foreign staff with locals within six months.
Saudi Arabia is banning foreign workers from mobile phone sales and services jobs and handing them to its own citizens struggling to cope with falling oil prices. Mobile phone stores have been given six months to comply — three months to replace at least half of their staff with locals, Reuters reports. The government is under heavy pressure to create more jobs for Saudis as the economy slows because of low oil prices, threatening to boost unemployment, which was officially 11.5 percent among local citizens last year.
The vast majority of jobs in Saudi Arabia’s retail and services sectors are currently held by foreign workers from southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
Some jobs such as human resources managers and security officers have long been reserved for Saudi nationals but the ministry’s decree suggests the government is now willing to intervene more aggressively in the labor market to get Saudis into work. State funds will be used to support companies facing higher costs because of the decree, the ministry said. I still remember vividly when I first met Brother Hin 20 years ago, he was selling congee and noodles in a very small shop along the street. A traffic police officer in China’s Zhejiang province has won much praise and gained instant fame after he saved motorists from a giant sinkhole last week. Monks, steeped in spiritual principles and devoted to long hours of meditation and prayers, are looked upon for their benevolence and peaceable nature.
From the strict perspective of some investors, astute financial management by a company to bolster its share price is a good thing.
North Korea test-fired what appeared to be two intermediate range ballistic missiles Thursday, but both failed, the US military said. The United States will seek to meet a goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year, President Barack Obama said, commenting on a program that has faced delays and criticism. Whenever Myanmar made news over the past few months, pundits focused on the country’s astonishing political transition.
Apple's latest product, the iPhone, is a multimedia device, with wireless internet capabilities, all incorporated into a hand held mobile phone. The iPhone has a built in WiFi, which allows it to access the internet using Apple's Safari web browser. The iPhone's operating system will be a full and optimized version of the Mac's OS X (with unnecessary components removed). From this table, we can see that The iPhone has an advantage over most of the other smart phones in several of the categories.
Gartner for Mobile Terminals (2005) produced an article suggesting that the mobile phone market would surpass 1 billion units by 2009, with the 'Smart' phone market growing to around 20% of that number, at 200 million by 2008.
Gartner also suggests that 'Smart' phones are the fastest growing category of mobile phone sales. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO announced at the MacWorld Keynotes Conference that he estimates to have sold 10 million iPhones in 2008, a 1% market share of the 2006 mobile phone sales figures of 957m (Jobs, S., January 2007, Mac World San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address). The demand for the iPhone is relatively high, however, the decision by Apple to restrict it to Cingular (due to its multiple year deal with them) means that most U.S. The figures in this graph suggest that Apple will reach their 10 million unit target for 2008, and after 2008, sales will increase greater each year, whilst the price of the iPhone itself will fall by around 20% annually. A massive competitor to the iPhone will be seen in the form of the Ocean from a relatively new company, Helio.
Currently in development for use in the US, is a new wireless technology called Evolution-Data Optimised (EV-DO). The use of GPS in phones is now becoming more widespread, the new Helio Ocean will be implementing GPS, and the ability to find your friends on the GPS system (if they are using the Ocean also). In summary, Apple have found several innovative ideas, which allow it to continue its success in the functionality and general good looks category with the iPhone. The rise of app ecosystems has put the US in the front seat of the mobile industry, a place once held by Europe with its strong pedigree in mobile technology.
The economic crisis that has plagued Europe for the past few years, has had and continues to have a major impact on the labour market, particularly in the South. Yet, the app economy has been expanding rapidly; as indicated in our latest report, the European App Economy 2014 commissioned by ACT4apps and co-authored with Plum Consulting, Europe is a major force in the global app ecosystem and is directly responsible for over 500,000 jobs in the EU28 region. While the EU economy has been under pressure since 2008, the EU app economy has been growing exponentially over the same period. We estimate that around 530 thousand jobs that are directly related to the app economy (e.g. More than 150,000 people in EU28 are contributing to the app economy as a side project or as a hobby, exploring future opportunities in this space. Apart from the direct financial benefits that apps bring to developers and stakeholders in the app economy, the social and economic benefits associated with apps stretch much further and wider. In our App Economy Forecasts report we estimated that the app economy will be growing at a 28% CAGR between 2012 and 2016. The ability of a nation or region to compete globally in the app economy, depends on its ability to create a suitable environment for app businesses, with easy access to talent, funding and mentoring opportunities and at the same time adopting policies that minimise regulatory or legal barriers that may come in the way of establishing and growing tech businesses.
Europe has established itself as a leading force in app ecosystems, second only to North America.

The Developer Segmentation Q3 2014 report is the most sophisticated study of developer segments to date.
These declines were driven by the first-ever drop in iPhone sales, with units down 16 per cent to 51.2m. I think that the smartphone market is currently not growing,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook on the company’s earnings call. With iPad sales also dropping 19 per cent, only two areas of Apple’s business saw growth in the quarter. If smartphone sales have reached saturation – temporarily or otherwise – this could be a vital area for Apple going forward. Today is a bank holiday here in the UK, so Mobile Marketing Towers is currently devoid of life while we all dance around the traditional Maypole.
At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits. Some Beijing residents are puzzled after dozens of live fish they released into Chaobai River turned up dead within minutes.
Its functions include; a camera, multimedia player, mobile telephone, email, text messaging and web browsing. Its proximity sensor detects when the user puts the iPhone up to their ear, and when it senses this, it turns the display and touchscreen off, allowing for prolonged battery life and eliminating accidental touches. It also has the functionality in place to connect to the US cellular phone provider Cingular's EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) network. It is becoming increasingly difficult to define what a smart phone actually is, as they are often quite simply just high-end mobile phones. However, this does show that there is a massive bias towards the Symbian OS for mobile phones. It is one of the smallest, with a software keyboard as opposed to a hardware qwerty keyboard, an average 2mp camera, a unique operating system and the added features of the sensors it houses within the phone. A total of 252 million handsets were shipped worldwide in the first quarter of the year, which is a 12% increase on the same period in 2006, according to Strategy Analytics. This is a reasonable estimate, however, Apple's limitations of selling the phone on a two year contract basis, from only one US cellular phone network provider, coupled with the reduced rate of growth in the mobile phone industry, may prove that this is a hard target to meet. These prices are both based around a two year contract with US mobile phone network supplier, Cingular.
The Ocean offers similar functions to the iPhone, at a greatly reduced price of $295, without being tied to a 2 year contract with Cingular. This technology means that Apple's decision to use Cingular's Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) notwork, is rapidly becoming outdated. While some may argue that this is an invasion of privacy, others may argue that this addition of existing technology to the consumer market, allows for alot of daily tasks to become easier and more feasable.
I believe that Steve Jobs' estimate of 10 million iPhones to be sold in 2008 is not as far-fetched as it seems, with all the innovations and functionality that appeals to the business user, as well as the home user, this target is a reasonable and reachable marker. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys. However, Europe continues to be a major force in mobile app ecosystems, with its contribution to the global app economy being second only to the US. The report was hailed as a “wake-up call” for the EU by European Commission vice president Neelie Kroes, who is responsible for the EU digital agenda. We estimate that global revenues from the app economy reached $56B in 2012 with over a quarter of these revenues being generated in Europe.
Several of the existing success stories have started this way, with developers experimenting with new ideas and then developing them to fully-fledged businesses with a positive contribution to GDP and the labour market. Smartphones and app ecosystems have opened up possibilities and enabled use cases that had not even existed before the first iPhone was launched, driven by increasingly lower barriers to app development. The fastest growth regions are Asia and Latin America where smartphone adoption is still quite low but rising fast. This fact represents both an opportunity and a threat to regional app economies: the barriers to expand globally are low compared to traditional international trade and allow developers and entrepreneurs to reach globally. However, the rapid diffusion of smartphone technology and app ecosystems in developing regions across the world, fuelled by low-cost Android phones, suggests that Asia and Latin America will become major consumers of apps in the future. This category includes the App Store, Apple Music and Apple Pay, and Cook shared new figures for each of these services on the call. Made by a company named 3M Touch Systems, the ClearTek (tm) II screens are coated with a thin conductive material, which is in turn electrically charged to create a controlled capacitor.
There are also two more sensors on the iPhone, an ambient light sensor, and an accelerometer. The browser will show the full web page, as if you were viewing it on a desktop PC, rather than the cut down version you often see on other 'Smart' phones.
Their features tend to include Internet access, email, scheduling software (to allow multi tasking), a camera, contact management, and some form of navigation software. Apple's decision to use OS X as their operating system, adds an extra OS to this list, however it is for exclusive use in Apple's products, therefore we won't see a large branch of products with Mac OS X as their operating system, making it a rather unique product. Over the next 15 years, $100 million was invested in research, development and expansion of the cellular phone technology.

According to the figures Steve Jobs presented at the MacWorld Keynotes Conference in January of 2007, the 2006 sales of Mobile phones are at the 957 million mark (Jobs, S., January 2007, Mac World San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address), meaning that the estimate in this graph is about 100 million shy of this figure.
The Ocean also utilizes more modern wireless network communications, and offers GPS functionality from your phone, as well as the ability to find your "buddies" who use the Ocean on a GPS map (Martellaro, J., April 2007, New Mobile Phone Technology Leapfrogging iPhone). EDGE offers transfer rates of 75 to 135 Kbps, whereas the new EV-DO network outputs a staggering 450 to 800 Kbps, a six-fold increase in data rates, making EDGE almost redundant in the presence of EV-DO. It is also very inexpensive compared to current networks in place, and companies such as Intel, Sprint and the European Union are all backing the research into this technology (Martellaro, J., April 2007, New Mobile Phone Technology Leapfrogging iPhone). The iPhone neglected this part of the market, and in doing so, may have bypassed a significant section of the 'Smart' phone market. However, with their agreement with Cingular, Apple have greatly restricted their market, and have possibly reduced their sales by keeping the iPhone on a two year contract with only one specific carrier. With competition from high-growth markets rising, Europe needs to become a global hub for mobile startups in order to maintain this position. Verticals are also embracing app ecosystems, which are now at the core of their digital strategies. The value of the app economy grows exponentially as more users and services are added to app ecosystems. In Europe, smartphone adoption is among the highest globally at around 50%, although there is significant variance between countries, particularly on the East-West axis.
At the same time however, competition is also global allowing large incumbents to compete with early-stage startups. In order to maintain its leading position, Europe will need to capture a significant share of this demand.
It allows the user to interact with the phone via a touch screen input, with what has been dubbed "MultiTouch" technology. Also, other desired features are considered to be the ability to access documents of all types (from PDFs to MS Word Documents). The DynaTAC 8000X Weighed 785g and its dimensions were 300x44x89mm, ridiculously large by today's standards. If the industry continues its steady growth of roughly 20% growth over the year, the estimate of 1 billion sales by 2009 may well be reached a whole 2 years earlier, by the end of 2007. If Apple plan to release the iPhone on a similar basis in the UK, it's not certain that the market will take to it well, as it would be viewed as a rather large sum of money to pay, when you can get a similar product for free (on a contract basis). The survey found that 75% of those surveyed had heard about the iPhone, 26% were likely or extremely likely to purchase it, and that only 1% of the survey would pay more than $500 for it.
Helio plans to release the Ocean in the US in spring of 2007, already beating Apple to the mark with the iPhone's end of June US release date. However, it could also be seen that the iPhone has appealed more to those who feel that the GPS introduces invasion of privacy.
Also, Apple's neglect for the up-coming technologies that allow for a significant increase in data transfer rates, in favour of Cingular's (now out-dated) EDGE network, means that the iPhone will appear sluggish when compared to some of the more significant competitors being released even before the iPhone is due to reach the US market.
This allows the user to use more than one finger to carry out operations on the phone, such as pinching fingers together on the touch screen to zoom into a picture. This means that it is harder for accidental touches to occur, as objects such as a stylus do not exhibit capacitance, so therefore would not affect the capacitive field of the screen. The accelerometer senses the orientation of the device (vertical or horizontal) and changes the screen to match the orientation. Segan also suggests that if the iPhone stays locked to cingular, blocks out the developer community and stays closed minded, it will not reach the market share estimated. It also concluded that 42% of the survey said that if the price was reduced to between $200 and $300 (significantly reducing Apple's profit margins) it would convince them to change carriers and go with Cingular, just for the iPhone (Ryan Burke, January 2007, Are Consumers Ready (To Pay) For The iPhone?).
If Apple were to look toward this new technology, it may see it's potential sales figures increase significantly, as the world has become accustomed to the fast speeds of Broadband internet, and will see the lack of speed currently used in the iPhone as a step back in time.
In 2007, phones are much more sophisticated than this, and they weigh around an average of 100-150g, with dimensions around 100x60x30mm, miniscule in comparison to the 'dinosaur' DynaTAC 8000X. I also feel that if Apple were to reduce the price of the iPhone to around $350-$450 instead of the $499-$599 price tag it currently holds, it would greatly open up the market to people who are willing to switch carriers at a reasonable price.
They also have a battery life of around eight hours talk time, and roughly seventy-two hours stand-by time. I agree with the predictions made by Wolf, that the iPhone's sales will continue to inflate as the price falls, however I do not agree that the sales will reach the figure of 135 million sales a year. By 2016, there will be newer, more modern phones on the market, offering newer technology and better functionality, possibly even from Apple itself, as it has been suggested that the iPhone is just a stepping stone for Apple to breach the mobile phone market. Further, if Apple were to open up the iPhone to all of the available US networks, it would possibly see that it could quite quickly become the leading 'Smart' phone in the US, as being locked to one network doesn't settle too well with the American population.

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