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The mobile search industry is shifting in the United States, as smartphone usage rockets, but what does this mean for local marketing?
With Amazon poised to destroy the retail world in a few months when it releases its Firefly smartphone, the US economy prepares itself for the inevitable upsurge in purchases of DVD box sets of Downton Abbey and LifeStraw personal water filters at 2am.
Amazon created a seemingly innovative display system without addressing the issue of what individuals are looking for on their smartphones. Mobile is a significant step in the conversion process but the new phone is no replacement for physical trips to the store by the consumer. Amazon is trying to get a piece of the mobile search pie but they are going about it the wrong way. The average US consumer keeps their cell phone for two years or longer. The current market cap for smartphones in the United States according to the Pew Research Center’s internet project is around 58% of cellphone users. What Amazon has come up with is a clever gimmick but it is no substitute for the real thing.

Google Local Search focuses on the key features mobile and tablet users are trying to find. What Amazon has done for the world of mobile search is found a way of integrating spam into the operating system of its phones. The whole situation seems to be very similar to an old video by The Onion about how Google integrated its ad system into a phone. Squeezing another device (that people are already saying is obsolete) in a heavily saturated market will take a long time for adoption. The largest portion of mobile searches, when it comes to e-commerce, are  users searching physical store addresses. Now, if we consider that the average online conversions rate is around five percent, Amazon has created something that will take a long time to start driving revenues. 90 percent of US adults have a cell phone (give or take, 184.5 million Americans – excluding people over 65).

Google’s Android is the market standard right now for use and overall (global) share for the foreseeable future. Mobile search is the last piece in the attribution for intent to purchase (typically within 24 hours). What Amazon did was look at the browsing element for mobile usage but not the conversion aspect.

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