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UK : O2 announced the launch of its Retail Transformation Programme which will focus on changing the perception of mobile retailing by making it more convenient, accessible and easier to understand for customers ( see above ). The first visual manifestation of this ambition is the redesigning of O2a€™s retail stores. Stephen Shurrock, Consumer Sales Director, explains: a€?We want to give customers the ultimate experience helping them connect with other people at any time, anywhere, whatever they do.
The new stores have been designed to provide a welcoming space to make customers feel more at ease. The strategy to create a complete a€?connected world experiencea€™ is brought alive by the physical layout of the product ranges.
During 2009 O2a€™s training budget will double with focus on a highly trained, special team called O2 Gurus which will be rolled out in 25 stores by the end of the year.
Approachable, skilled people will be happy to demonstrate and discuss the latest handsets and gadgets. The first store to undergo the re-fit under the Retail Transformation Programme is Manchestera€™s recently launched Arndale centre store which is now open for anyone to visit. Over the next few months this programme will roll out in stores across the UK such as Nottingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Ipswich and Northampton. In a recent post we talked about the enormous potential that exists in the mobile phone business.Cellular technology has transformed our way of life and growth projections for next year are fantastic.
The basic furniture consise in some displays and counters, many of which are provided by these wholesale suppliers. The new concept is set to truly evolve the format of retailing communication products and help improve the way in which customers interact with the brand and its products.
As part of a multi-million pound campaign, 150 stores by the end of 2009 will undergo a complete re-fit to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, providing them with a more pleasurable shopping experience and maximising sales opportunities. A relaxed and inviting lounge area, centred around a coffee table and large plasma screen, is ideal for product demonstrations.

All products are displayed live, with phones connected to accessories, such as headphones, printers and speakers.
Their role is to provide the ultimate customer experience and develop every customera€™s relationship with the brand. However, the introduction of a a€?self servicea€™ table enables customers to check their own account, top up, and buy O2 event tickets, all by themselves.
O2 has been careful to ensure that these stores are in the right locations to draw customers in and allow them to better experience the a€?connected worlda€™.
These elements, together with a new store environment that seamlessly links the worlds of the contemporary home and future technology, will help redefine O2 Retail from a traditional mobile phone shop, to a broader communications company that can meet the needs of the a€?connected worlda€™.
It will also provide a space for O2a€™s a€?Ita€™s Your Communitya€™ programme to present its grants to local project groups. This encourages customers to interact with the products and truly discover the world of O2. Each guru will have the necessary knowledge to answer any technical questions the customer has about O2 products, from mobile phones and broadband, through to future innovations before they launch.
An interesting business , easy to learn, requiring intermediate and high income potential investment. If you love technology and are familiar with brands like Samsung, Motorola, iPhone or Blackberry, surely, this business will love it . The average commission for time cards ranges between 4% and 8% if you multiply by a rotracion 3 per month, equivalent even average gain of 10%. In this regard, you should invest some good $ $ after when a person falls in love with a cell phone, will surely make every effort to get it, and if you have it on hold, will surely have a greater chance of selling if you do not. These usually you can get them at very good prices and even sold at reasonable prices, can generate traffic very convenient for your business people.
A great advantage of the cell phone store is that you will not need advertising and promotional decoration, as Phone will be willing to make your store a highly attractive for their customers to purchase their products instead.

On average term investment to start with mobikiario and an average stock of equipment is about $ 4000 and the average monthly cost will be between $ 1000 and $ 1500 in regular times.
Of course, you must consider fixed monthly expenses such as electricity, salary of a dependent, locally and more. Finally, regarding the know-how of the business , it is very easy to learn and manufacturers will be ready to offer courses and training on their phone models .
The first step is that you approach a dealer to advise you on pricing, systems and requirements for affiliating and soon become a retailer. To put that in perspective, you will not find any other company growing that much in the same time frame.
If we include the acquisition of MetroPCS Communications, T-Mobile added 4.4 million total customers in the fourth quarter of 2013. Citigroup’s Michael Rollins has noted that because T-Mobile had added 1.65 million subscribers in the Q4 of 2013, it was their “best branded postpaid performance in eight years,” at 869,000 net additions. Funny what happens when a company actually invests in improving their network and rethinks their strategy in the wireless marketplace. Never had an issue, customer service has always been good to me.However, their coverage is not that great. Sure, if you are in the right areas you can get great speeds for data, but move a mile off a main road and you are on slow 3G, and possibly edge. If they don’t change that and get more customer friendly plans, they are headed for the pooper. Also note that Verizon’s great speed advantage applies only to smartphones that support its AWS technology.

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